Sep 12, 2014

10 Morning Sickness Remedies

Have morning sickness? Need a remedy NOW?  They these tips...

1. Sparkling water- I swear by it.  I would drink it all day, cold and warm.  Flavored or not, it helps. BIG time!

2. Crackers in bed.  I kept a bag of crackers next to my bed to snack on before I stepped one foot out of bed in the morning. I know when I first heard of the trick, I thought is was as stupid as morning sickness, but it really works!

3. Midnight snacks.  During the four hundred times I would wake up in the middle of the night to use the loo, I would have a snack. I would open the refrigerator and grab a trap or two, or a big swig of smoothie.

4. Grapes.  This may be a personal thing, because I LOVE grapes, but I would snack on them in the morning with my sparkling water, and it really helped! 

5. Graze away! Avoid hunger at all costs.  Eat around the clock! Little bits... toast, crackers, fruit, keep something in your belly.

6. Listen to your cravings! This one is huge.  I learned from my doctor, that when your body is CRAVING something when you are pregnant, go with it.  Nature knows best, so if you crave complex carbohydrates, EAT THEM! Get over the weight gain factor, and feed your baby and yourself. Potato Chips were HUGE for me. Huge.

7. Walk it off! Exercise helps... BIG TIME.  Go for a short walk in the fresh air... bring the sparkling water and a barf bag just in case!

8. Stay away from the smells that trigger the sickness. For me it was meat. The smell of meat would send me right to the porcelain God. 

9. CANDY! I swore by mints and morning sickness specific candy. Keep it in your hand bag for quick rescue.

10.  SLEEP!  When all else fails, sleep it off. It's really important to get as much rest as possible during the entire pregnancy.

Do you have any tips to add?

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