Mar 25, 2014

BabyBackups--The One Thing EVERY New Mother Should Have (#Giveaway)

Every once in a while I get to review a product that is so awesome it makes me want to cry because it was not around when I REALLY needed it. Today, my friends, BabyBackUps is that product. Had these suckers been around when Ollie was crapping all over the place, I would have not ended up in the shower at 4am after a particularly INSANE diaper blowout when he was only a month old. (The long time readers know what I am talking about.) I present, the best damn blowout controlling invention I have ever seen... BabyBackups!

BabyBackups are one of those ingenious products where once you see it you think, Why didn't I think of that?! Well, after reading the story of the family behind BabyBackup, I know why.  It appears no one had a need for a blowout solution as bad as they did. Imagine, having a daughter who was prone to constant blowouts. Imagine having to have that beautiful little poop blasting machine baptized in a WHITE dress, in front of God and everyone!  (HA! Never in my life have I been able to say, God and everyone, and mean it literally... Hahahaha!)  Sorry, I digress... So, like any AWESOME mom would do, a solution was made... enter, BabyBackups.  Long story short, the baptism went off as planned, the poop machine blasted away, but not a drop hit her white dress. The end. Amen.
I know, I know, you want to see these miracle things... Here you go...
How do they work? You have two options to see them in action... My photo walk through, or the video below it that really gives these blowout miracles life...

1. Peel the adhesive backing off.  
2. Line up the blue line with the diaper. 
3. Stick the BabyBackup on the diaper.  
4. Put the diaper on the poop machine. 
5. Worry no more!

For more information and a MUCH better walk through, watch this!


Very cool, right?  

While, yes these little blowout stoppers are BRILLIANT for crap blasting infants, I honestly think EVERY family with a child in diapers should have these on hand for tummy flus.  Last week Ollie had a rough patch. These stopped him from ruining his pants and my day TWICE!  I would pay $10 for that to happen just once! But for $10 you can get a box of 25 blowout stopping BabyBackups! That's 25 outfit and day savers! And thats not all!!!! Because you are awesome and read my blog, you get free shipping!  For a limited time, the super awesome family run company behind BabyBackups is extending free shipping to my readers! Enter "FTBLOWOUT" at checkout. To order BabyBackups today,  CLICK HERE

Oh, wait... Feeling lucky? FIVE lucky readers will win a box of BabyBackups!  Sign up below...

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