Mar 22, 2013

3 Easy Steps for a Healthier Pregnancy

3 Easy Steps for a Healthier Pregnancy

My first pregnancy was a textbook journey through the worst associated symptoms. My life felt like it was being turned upside down, and my body was along for the ride with recurring nausea, fatigue, swelling in the worst places, lower back pain, depression and frequent headaches. Despite eating well, doctor-approved weight gain and daily supplements, the symptoms were in control every day.

With my second pregnancy, I knew things had to be different. After all, I could suffer through the symptoms and survive, but I didn't want my child to suffer along with me. My solution was to identify and adopt ten healthy habits. The doctor was supportive and even gave me some advice to get started.  I made sure to check with my doctor about everything pregnancy related: cord blood banking, breast-feeding, nutrition and more! I'm not sure which was most effective, but these three steps together helped me have a more enjoyable pregnancy free from any severe symptoms.

Stay Hydrated
Dehydration can lead to recurring headaches. In fact, other symptoms of dehydration may not even be noticeable until the condition becomes severe. If you're drinking the same amount of water after pregnancy, you aren't getting enough. Blood volume increases to support baby's needs, and that means mom needs more water.

A huge number of people are sleep deprived, and this problem increases the risk of infection and many types of disease. Add a pregnancy into this equation, and the lack of sleep becomes dangerous. I have difficulty quieting my mind at night, so I started using a form of guided meditation. Other possible solutions include yoga, making a to-do list for the next day before lying down and eating foods with a sedative effect for dinner, such as turkey and tea made from rose hips and hibiscus.

Eating Natural
What is often called healthy eating is often a poor substitute for what I call eating naturally. Most foods at the grocery store contain chemical preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, and even known carcinogens. Contrary to popular belief, very few of these ingredients have been tested for safety during pregnancy. Unfortunately, even raw produce often has traces of pesticides on the skin.

The remedy is to pick items with the shortest ingredient lists and always wash vegetables before cutting. Also check out the Environmental Working Group's lists of most safe and most dirty vegetables and fruits.

Taking time to identify and adopt healthy habits that aren’t already a part of your life will help any woman have a chance at a more comfortable pregnancy.

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