Sep 13, 2012

Posy Lane (Review)

When the kind people at Posy Lane contacted me about a review of one of their monogramed tote bags, I jumped at the opportunity. Posy Lane is a company with products for the whole family and gifts for any and every occasion. From Shower Wraps and Children's Gifts to new back packs, nap mats and even cookies for the teacher.

They have the cutest personalized phone cases, sleeping bags, cutting bards, travel bags, ink pads, place mats, platters and plates, <Insert Deep Breath> mom agenda planers, mouse pads, baby bibs, baby towels, baby bloomers and blankets... and did I mention nearly everything can be personalized?

My experience...

Posy Lane has so many monogramed tote bags to choose from, I stared in awe and amazement for ten minutes. The selection ranges from simple canvas to super fun prints and patterns. After much consideration, probably too much, I ended up choosing a super fun crazy print. I thought, what the heck I'll live a little! I requested the Black Cheetah Box Tote, with red monogramming. A few days later the tote came in the post.

When I opened the packaging and inspected the tote I was blown away by the weight and high quality of the fabric.  The tote completely exceeded my expectations.  The outer shell is a very durable canvas material, with a seperate heavy weight material inner lining. The over all size was very large, measuring 11" high x 18" wide x 7" deep with 2 deep side pockets. This tote is the king of all totes!

I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly useful my new tote is.  I pack all of Oliver's favorite toys and books inside of it, and even use the outside deep pockets to hold an emergency diaper change kit.  If you do not have a tote devoted to your child's stuff, get one!  This tote has made shifting things from one room to the next easy and even somehow less annoying. Thank you Posy Lane!

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