Jul 19, 2012

Taking infant photos

Please learn from my mistakes, get a clear idea and plan together for taking photos of your new little bundle of joy.  We keep "planning" on doing something, but have yet to make and appointment.  We take plenty of candid photos of course, but no professional ones.

I regret not doing any new born photos.  If you are not financially able to pay for them, then you can do what my friend did and throw a white sheet over the couch or chair, grab some cute new born props and start taking photos.

Make sure you get the following shots.

1. Feet
2. Hands
3. Daddy or mommy holding baby, or if possible baby laying across your/daddy's forearm.
4. Another great is to prop you baby up in the same spot each month on their month birthday and take a photo.  This wayyou will have a photo growth chart of your baby.

What ever you do, do something.  The time goes so fast, and somehow your baby will grow even faster than time.  Capture it, before it's gone!

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  1. So true. Me & my daughter just took our first set of professional pics. She's 5 months now.

  2. Better late than never! And really at five months you can get a smile on demand. Ollie will be 6 months on Friday. No pictures... Yes, I still suck!

  3. Lol true. They came out great btw!