Jul 17, 2012

Focus on only the positives!

I try to keep this website as non-secular as possible
because the last thing I ever want to do, in any situation, is single out,
offend or judge anyone.  I also
avoid talking about Religion because it is a very passionate subject, and can
cause trouble in any circle.  Now,
all of that being said…  ;)  No, seriously, I am going to bring a
little bit of religion into this, but please stick with me, because in the end
I will pull away from religion and relate to absolutely anyone reading….

Everyday I receive a daily devotional through an app on my iPhone, the Daily Bible Devotion. I want to share one of the devotions with
you, because it has helped me to enjoy a very happy, very freeing day of peace
in my heart.

now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is
true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think
about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” -

The devotional goes on to say:

you think positive thoughts in your mind, the side effect is that you see the
glass half full. It might sound simple but that attitude can make all the
difference in your approach to people, situations and environments. The most
difficult part is keeping this top of mind…”

This could not have come at a better time. My thoughts
desperately need a fix!  I worry
all of the time. I second guess myself, my writing and my parenting on a daily
basis. This devotional has helped me to realize it’s all in my head.  My outlook and attitudes are all in my
head.  I need to be more
positive.  Even just 10% more
positive everyday would make a world of difference!   What about you?

I do believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe
that maintaining a good, happy, healthy attitude can win friends and influence
people. I also believe that ANYONE can achieve ANYTHING if they put their mind
to it. I have just lost sight of this due to the deep haze of postpartum
hormones, and new mother sleep deprivation.  Excuses… excuses…

I am making it my goal to spend this week maintaining a
positive, healthy, happy and self-loving outlook.   

Today alone I have been focusing on ONLY positive thoughts.
I’m allowing myself to dream, and believe those dreams can, and will, come true
if I put my mind to it. In this release of fear and anxiety, and the refocusing
of my thoughts, I already feel light and happy and free of fear.  I want to share this feeling with the
world. It’s lovely!

It’s a week of positive thinking! I really hope you will
join me.  Please, if nothing else, don't allow yourself to think about one negative thought for the rest of the day. It's truly lovely. 

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