Jul 27, 2012

Cesarean/C-Section Delivery- What to Expect

I had  a faithful reader email me to let me know she was terrified of delivery, and considering just carrying her baby around in her belly forever.  I assured her, that the doctors will not let her, I know, I had the same brilliant plan!

Her baby is breech just like my Ollie was.   I sent her the following email on what to expect when you are having a Cesarean/C-Section delivery... I thought I would share it here too!

Why having a C-Section is not that bad....

1. You will be SO glad you had a c-section instead of natural.  The small scar will be nothing in comparison to the insane stories women will start telling you about their "natural" births.  I cross my legs when they start talking.  So in terms of pain for you--it's NOTHING! 
Truly, take the pain meds and you will feel semi normal in 4 days. Natural delivery people can't pee for months!  We just pick up where we left off 24 hours later.  

2. Your daughter is going to come into this world in a relatively stress free, safe way. She is also going to have the most perfect beautiful round head you ever saw... to go with every other incredibly perfect part of her.  Trust me, she will be the most beautiful perfect baby you have ever seen.

The c-section.  

1. Truthfully, yes, it is scary as hell!  You go in and the nurses start plugging all kinds of wires and fluids into you.  Then doctors come into your room and say "hi" and what they are there for. Then you drink a strange yucky flavored tart drink. Hold your nose.  Then your husband/partner will put on scrubs and off you go.  

2. You will walk into the Operating room pushing your fluids and monitors.  This was really scary for me.  It was early in the morning, the Operating Room (OR) was REALLY bright, and there were like 20 people chatting and carrying on with loud music playing.  I wanted to tell them all to shut up and be scared with me.  I climbed up on the table while more doctors and nurses introduced themselves.

3. The Hubs will most likely have to wait outside of the operating room until just minutes before they pull baby out. So tell him not to worry, he will be there for the gross stuff!

4. Once the show is about to start, you will have to curl your back for the spinal.  Just try to relax-this is impossible, but what the hell give it your best shot- this is just a shot in your back, tingles for 4 seconds and then it's over.  Still freaking scary.  I cried the WHOLE TIME! 

5. Then they will lay you down. You may feel nauseous, but they will give you something through your IV to help.

6.  When your husband/partner comes in, it will only be a few moments from there.

7. The next thing you know you will hear your baby's first cry- this is when your life becomes AMAZING! 

8. Hopefully in about 10 minutes from the cry, you will be in recovery trying to nurse her.   Your mom will be crying, your Husband will be staring at you in awe, and you will be so dizzy and dazzy from all that's just happened.  I barely remember the first few hours.

9. The fun begins... 

1. Take the pain meds the first two or three days. I did and Ollie is fine.
2. Peeing is not a problem, However for me, pooping was like building the Eiffel tower in a day.  It was not happening! Eat lots of fiber. The nurses will give you all kinds of stuff to help.
3. The incision will be tender. but not hurt. The stitches come out in a few days, but other than that it should not bother you.
4. The worst part- you will be GUSHING gunk for about a week.  Then only mildly (in comparison) for about 6 weeks. Invest is a huge box of heavy pads now, or someone will have to go out and buy them for you when you get home.  No one gave me this tip, so Hubs had to do it. FUNNY!
5. Take it easy, avoid stairs and heavy lifting. Your nurse will give you this info.

Congratulations! You are almost there!!

All the very best to you,

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