Mar 10, 2012

25 weeks pregnant...

This was left as a comment by one of my favorite readers.  I had to repost it as it's own Blog post because it is SO quintessential 25 weeks Pregnant.  Again my sisters, you are not alone!!

"It's me again - Miserable and pregnant - Christine. 

LMBO - 'your husband is effed if he doesn't shape up!' I love this site and I love the new one too. 

Went to the Dr. today, almost 25 weeks. They gave me two sonos too early, and so they won’t give me a third. I still don’t know the sex of the baby. I was so angry. I haven’t even tried to pick out a name because I don’t want to pick out two names. I don’t want shower gifts to all be yellow and green to stay neutral. I don’t want to be surprised. I can’t seem to envision the future without knowing the sex of the baby. 

I also had to talk to a different doctor who was young and thin and in some kind of training and she kept saying “You’re having a rough time of it aren’t you?” I wanted to strangle her. She also thought she would tell me that sugary drinks pack on the pounds. Really? Do I look like a retard? I’ll drink sweet tea and coke if I damn well please! Everything else has been taken from me. I haven’t gained much weight and I don’t have far to go, so lay off! My regular Dr. recognizes that I am intelligent and would never say such a thing to me. It's not like I've living on soda pop! And I drank it before I got pregnant and managed my weight! So there! 

My mother made me feel better. There is a place called Meet The Baby where they do a 3d and 4d sono to determine the sex of the baby and so you can see your baby’s face. The lowest package is $79 which doesn’t seem too bad. It’s a weird set up, there’s a big projector in the room and sectional couch to seat 8 so you can invite the whole family if you wish. Don’t think I’ll be doing that. And we’re going to wait until the 28-30 week mark to do it. Something about the amount of fat on the baby and fluid in the womb enabling the best pictures. 

Finally getting a recliner tomorrow. Thank god. My couch is soooo uncomfortable. My back is aching from sitting here as I type. I’m excited about that. 

Completed two puzzles last week, yeah my life is exciting. And my Sims Social house is coming along quite nicely. Wow…. 

Hang in there ladies. I know it sucks, but you know what, I’m feeling a little more enthusiastic as each week goes by, and we need to remind ourselves that as much as we want this over with, the worst is yet to come…. so enjoy it while it lasts. I know. Hard to do that. Very hard."

Thank you so much Christine!!!

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  1. Many congrats, loved reading your story and look forward to following along!

  2. I'm back again, Miserable and Pregnant Christine. I feel so honored to have earned a spot here!!!!! : )

    28 weeks now. I saw the same silly Dr. a few days ago. She told me I seemed to be in better spirits. I looked at her and said "I like Sally" (my usual Dr.). LOL! That was sooooo rude.... Oh well.

    I failed my sugar test!!! It took them 30 minutes to find a vein. So I get to go through all that fun again in a few days. I'm not too worried about failing the 3 hour test, I just hope they find my vein this time.

    Still can't help it. I am soooo mean to DH. It's the worst part about the pregnancy for me. I don't want to feel this way towards him. He is goofy and happy and there is nothing he has had to give up or change in his life. If I could feel silly and carefree, if my mind wasn't going in a hundred directions, if I was comfortable instead of bloated and sore, I think it would be possible to love him again. I think.....

    My mother has become my best friend. Pregnancy is very lonely especially since I am not working right now.

    I've either complained so much that I just don't have it in me anymore, or I'm just getting used to being so miserable.

    We're finally finding out the sex this week so things are about to get kicked into high gear, baby shower, more and more shopping, crib assembling, this whole thing will seem more real. Nailing down a name. I think I'm actually excited.

    Loved the 6 week follow up, good to know that things will level out soon enough!!!!

    1. God love you! You really sound just like I did. Right down to the "I cannot complain anymore" 'my mom is my best friend" and I'm going to rip my husbands face off and I don't know why!" Sorr y to hear about the glucose test. My girlfriend failed hers then passed the 3 hour. I am so ecited for you that you are finally finding out the sex! SO exciting. You are doing it through 3d right? Please let me know. I promise it does get better. But I will not lie... I might get worse first. but OH MY GOODNESS whe you hold your baby in your arms its all far beyond worth every minute!

  3. Found out today I have gestational diabetes. I got the call, and they said someone from a high risk clinic would be calling me about an appointment in the next few weeks. I thought they would at least give me a diet plan ASAP. I'm clueless. I looked online and I'll try to cut out carbs and sugar as much as I can. Ugh...

    Got the 3d sono today. It's a girl! Just as we suspected. The pictures aren't that pretty, lol. It's good to know, now we can shop. I've had my eye on the prettiest purple playpen, car seat, stroller, and swing for a long time.

    Until next time, it's been a busy day. Time for a nap!

    Miserable and Pregnant - Christine

  4. Ugh! Is right. I've had a couple of friends who had GD. I'll call and ask them for tips and diet for you. Try not to worry too much... Easy for me to say I know...

    Yay a girl!!! I dream of all the cute purples and pinks. Im stuck in blue and green land.

    Please don't hesitate to email me directly! I talk with a few of my readers that way.