Feb 13, 2012

Wiped out!

For the first time since July 28 th I have nothing to say... Well I'm sure I do but I'm suffering from a massive mental block caused by a ridiculous amount of sleep deprivation. I thought "pregnancy brain" was bad, well I'm here to tell you "postpartum brain" is a handicap!

The other day I drove off with my cup of water on top of my car. I drove all the way to the grocery and realized once I parked that I didn't bring my purse. ( maybe thats why the doc said no driving for two weeks? I just figured since i stopped taking the pain meds it was safe to opporate heavy machinery.) Yesterday I tried to write the date as June 13, 2012! Really, June? Where the hell did that come from! All of those things in a three day stretch!

My eyes physically hurt, sore corners, four pound eyelids, the bag around them are throbbing sand bags... It's all bad! I did not sneak in a nap today so I'm paying a hefty (eye) price.

Luckily, I can still see my beautiful son through the minuscule slits in my eyelids and know it's all worth it...

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  1. The first year of N's life, I drove off with coffee I just purchased on top of the car about once a month. It was just embarrassing.

    I know I keep saying it, but when your little one starts to eventually take longer breaks at night, it'll get better. I swear! (And no lie, when my baby boy stopped requiring night feedings, I cried. I ended up missing our time together at night.)

  2. hahaha... yeah that 2 weeks of no driving- I wasn't sure the reason either- but sheer exhaustion has to be a part of it. 6 weeks later the postpartum brain is starting to improve, but I still refilled the dog's water yesterday and started to walk towards my bedroom with it (??), almost forgot my daughter at school, keep forgetting to eat, and apparently threw away my insurance card along with a prescription refill. Hmmm. But it's better than it was :) Good luck! You are not alone!