Feb 2, 2012

Twas the night before Delivery…

Twas the night before delivery and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even the cat. Husband and wife staring at each other with fear, for tomorrow baby will be here!

I have spent the entire day doing everything I can to keep my mind off of tomorrow. I am nervous, scared, excited, relieved, worried, I mean every emotion possible I am cycling through. When I stop to think about it all my mind races. I just need to make it to delivery. I need to hold him in my arms and know everything is ok so I can relax. I really am feeling very overwhelmed by it all, and of course very excited at the same time. I am also really excited to see how my husband reacts. At 40 years old he thought his chances were over, he thought he couldn’t even have children. Tomorrow his dream will come true, and I am so excited to see how he takes it all in.

FYI-Here was my big eye opener of the day…Oddly enough I didn’t even realize until my friend called and said, “I bet you are so excited today is your last day of pregnancy!” I really hadn’t thought about that, it really is going to end! I just expect an after shock period that makes me think it is all still wrapped in “being pregnant.” But, now I wonder how it will actually feel not to be pregnant anymore.

I have spent the day thinking this is my last day of being a non-mom, it really never crossed my mind that my pregnancy would be over. (I know how weird it sounds, but I bet a few of you are completely following me here.) I’ve spent the last 9 months and 3 weeks having my body taken over by an extreme force of nature. Tomorrow will I really get some level of control back? Sweet mother of mercy please oh please let me have control of my emotions back! I want to stop crying for no reason and being so damn annoyed by my husband!

I honestly cannot believe I am even writing this blog right now. I feel so mindless and tired and for lack of a better word, jumbled. My husband is walking around taking pictures of everything and begging me to let him take more pictures of me. God give me patients with this man!!

To all of you, my wonderful readers, thank you so much for not letting me feel like I was alone or crazy for feeling the way I felt over the last 9.3 months. Thanks for encouraging me to continue to write about my pregnancy. Thanks for letting me know while I may still be going to hell for saying such filthy things about pregnancy, articulated with filthy words, it was exactly how you felt too- you were just smart enough to not say it out loud, to the world no less!

I am going to try to sleep now, and be thankful for making it to the finish line with a big baby, and one hell of a support group! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will post all the details, and of course his name ASAP! Xx

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  1. I cannot wait to read the birth story! I'm so excited for you.

    Here's one warning for you that no one gave me: night sweats are going to DRENCH you for a few days. Your body needs to get rid of the extra water and blood it has. The extra water? Sweat. I would be in the hospital, turning the air conditioner incredibly low. My husband woke up shivering and I'd be covered in a fine layer of sweat that was soaking my pajamas through. AND I'd be shivering because the baby heater that I was carrying was gone.

    Also, you'll probably be hormonal for a few weeks/months after, but it'll probably go away after that. I remember weeping over stupid stuff for a bit after, but being pounds lighter was so nice.

    If you can, ask for a binder at the hospital. It makes walking after a C-section easier. I know this sounds weird from someone who had an easy C-section, but it kind of feels like for the first day or two after like your stomach is going to fall out and it'll make you nervous. Your stomach is NOT going to fall out, but the binder will reassure you and keep you from trying to press your own arms or pillow against your stomach as you walk.

    Anyway, I hope your experience is much like my first one. I hated pregnancy so badly, but I loved my child the moment I saw him. I've never fallen so much in love so instantly.

    1. As usual thank you Kitten! I'll let you know ASAP how it goes. Fingers crossed it's as close to your experience as possible!

  2. Hoping your days goes smoothly and congrats on your groundhog baby!

    1. Thank you! I hope the hog pops out and sees spring. because I need to get out and walk ASAP!!

  3. I second what Kitten said! Although I had a natural birth, a core brace/support helped me a lot! And the hormones will continue to rage a bit longer, but you'll have a baby to hold so it won't matter. :-) Speaking of holding him... make sure your hubby has the camera in hand... he'll capture the purest joy and love the moment you see him. I will never forget that moment and it still brings tears to my eyes. I can't say it enough... I am SO happy for you!!!

  4. Best wishes today and enjoy every moment! (well, the good ones!)

  5. Thank you so much for writing this blog through out your pregnancy. It was always the first thing I did after arriving to work each day. I'm on my second pregnancy (30 weeks and counting) but my first was 7 years ago and I was so traumatized and sick for the ENTIRE thing that I think the pregnancy amnesia that you so brilliantly spoke about hit me harder than I realized. This time around, I am married and we TRIED to get pregnant. I was super sick for the first 16 weeks and then only occasionally for the next 6. Now that the end is near, I've gone through your blog again and reread things and it really does help to hear someone say the things I'm constantly thinking.

    I'm not one to comment on blogs and online things but since it's your final day of pregnancy, I couldn't resist telling you how much you've helped me along the way on this journey. Thank you so much for writing every day.

    I have girl #2 coming in a few short weeks and we also can't decide on just one name. We have it down to 3. Excited to hear what name you guys have chosen!

    I promise that as soon as you hold your son, you will be more in love than you ever thought possible. It will make the past 9 months of hell seem like they were wonderful just to get to where you will be when you see him. I pray that all goes smoothly for you today. I can't wait to read about the birth/delivery and to hear the emotions you feel in the next days/weeks. It truly is the most wonderful thing!

    Thanks again for encouraging us preggos and keeping us laughing amidst the tears that come for no reason whatsoever. :) <3

  6. Thinking of you, and so excited for you to get to not be pregnant anymore and hold your sweet little baby.

  7. Best of luck to you and baby! May your delivery be smooth and uncomplicated (as much as a scheduled C can be) and may the last moments of pregnancy be very special moments for ya! Looking forward to the great news! :)

  8. Good luck tomorrow! Your followers will be thinking about you and anticipating your next update.

  9. Congratulations! I'm having my c/section in two weeks and can't believe this journey will almost be over. My first born is 11 years old and for some reason I had totally blocked out the experience of being pregnant. I look forward to reading more. I'm so glad this is over for you and almost over for me!!!