Feb 8, 2012

Sleep Now!

When I was pregnant EVERY "been there done that mom" told me to, "Sleep Now!" Well, any pregnant first timer will tell you that is the stupidest thing they have ever heard! From maybe week 16 on during pregnancy, peeing all night long becomes commonplace, and by week 30 sleeping comfortably becomes an impossible task. Well, my first timers I am here to tell you, Sleep Now!

The difference between the impossible task of sleeping while pregnant and sleeping when baby comes, is getting up all night to pee is a quick easy task, then back to sleep. When baby gets here you are up every two hours for at least 30 minutes at a time. And, if you are anything like my husband and I you will be staring at the Lil bundle of perfection and wanting to hold him 24/7. Even my husband is not sleeping. He is worse than me, constantly touching, kissing and checking to make sure he is still breathing.

I can honestly say that neither my husband nor I have had more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep since baby was born. I am so freaking tired it's unreal. I was never EVER this tired during my pregnancy. I have never EVER known this kind of tired.

I would give anything for 6 hours of solid sleep. I was told today by a lactation consultant that I will not be getting that for along time, especially while I am breastfeeding, because my breast have to be evacuated ever 4 hours or the soreness will wake me up. I know exactly what she was talking about because I wake up every 2-3 hours, and it is almost like I am wide awake when I wake, It is very bizarre. The human body is amazing and when it comes to the growing and raising a human I am just blown away!

So, my pregnant friend, go to sleep, lay in bed and love it up. Sleep all damn day, who cares if you wake up 100 times to pee, crawl right back and bed and soak it up. I am going to stop typing now so I can pass out on my laptop for ten minutes, before lil' Ollie wakes up wanting his 10th meal of the day.

Ok, here is the really good news about the bad news of no sleep, your baby will be the most beautiful, sweetest, amazing little human you have ever seen or held, so every time you get up, it will be not such a bad thing. ;)

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  1. If you ever plan to pump and bottle feed, the La Leche League book "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" has a mother who created a night time system where she would pump a feedings worth during the day, and then she and her husband would get night shifts so each could have 4-6 hours sleep uninterrupted. Personally, I hope to not introduce the bottle till after month one. Another woman just had her husband wake up for one feeding during the night, and put the baby to her breast, burp, and back to bed while she slept through it.

  2. Thanks for the updates! It's fun to hear how you and hubby are adjusting. Still waiting for my little guy to make his appearance. Unfortunately my body is not cooperating and making zero progress :( Due date is this Saturday but I have a sinking feeling I will be pregnant for another few weeks... Trying to enjoying the sleep I've been getting. I feel like I sleep now just to pass the time... the last weeks are so dreadfully boring... Glad to hear you are well :)

  3. I have yet to comment on your other posts, BUT, it'll get better. By month two, my own son had realized that night time was for sleeping and his time between night feedings started to extend and then I started to get more sleep. (Sort of. I'd constantly wake up to check on his breathing, but at least I didn't have to feed him after checking.)

    In fact, looking back on my Flickr photos, I can see myself turn from zombie looking lady to myself at around month two of my son's life.