Feb 13, 2012

Settling into motherhood

I like to think I am settling into motherhood quite nicely! I also think that is largely due to the "mothers intuition," and a little selflessness. I'm so freaking exhausted, but if baby needs, mommas on the job. I just cannot imagine any other way. If he cries I sort out why and fix the problem. My husband and I have made him the center of our universe while he's awake, and have alternated naps, eating and showers while he's asleep. We even manage a little couch cuddle time with each other at night! There is a definite balance we are trying to create, but in all honesty it really is one day at a time, and a constant learning process.

It's safe to say we knew very little going into this. We google something everyday and guess our way through something at least twice a day. So far Ollie is happy, fed, in a dry diaper and the light if our lives!

I was so scared of motherhood and really still am a little, but after just one week I feel confident I can do this. Plus, my son is so awesome I love being his mother! I don't really love not sleeping well, nor do I love the constant pee and mustard filled diapers, but this too shall pass.

I have found that I need to focus on the good things to get through the bad. Things like rocking my sweet son after feeding, or staring at his angelic face or even my awesome hot shower or cuddling with my husband. I have to stay focused on normalcy, that's why I always carve out time to write, it's my "me time." If I don't try to stay positive and focused on the good, I find myself slipping into a weepy dark sadness that seems to take a strong hold. I'm terrified of postpartum depression and can see how easy it is for the hopelessness take hold.

Motherhood for me so far is... provide everything my son needs, love him with all of my heart, take it one day at a time, remember one bad feeding or even bad day is not how it is always going to be, enjoy and stay focused on the simple pleasures of the day, and of course constantly pray for patience. ;)

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  1. With all of my fatigue, it is hard to stay emotionally-stable and not get into weepy world territory, especially as I talk about my faith and my family and am awash with emotion born from the overwhelming outpouring of love that has been poured out on my life. I am so glad that we don't walk this path alone and have loving partners to share in the adventures, plus I'm thankful that my faith carries me through the rough patches.