Feb 10, 2012

Observations at one week postpartum

  1. I still look six months pregnant.
  2. I still act like baby is still in my belly.  I rub it, get worried in the shower the water is too hot, start to build the pillow fort before getting in bed, I even still waddle a little-but that is also due to my C-section scar.
  3. I am still eating my pregnancy diet, just not nearly as much. I have not had a beer, Brie, Blue Cheese, Raw fish… I am still eating like a preggo, so LAME!
  4. I will admit, I see a pregnant woman now and think, hmmm she is cute with that bump!  Why was I not feeling so cute with mine?  Pregnancy really is a gift, a miracle, a blessing… I just wish I could have enjoyed mine more. 
  5. Pregnancy Amnesia still has not set in!  I’m waiting to wake up one morning, and think, “Gosh, pregnancy was not so bad!  My C-section was not so bad!  I think I will breed again…
  6. My husband, the man who I wanted to punch in the face. Very hard. For the last 9 months is the wonderful amazing man I married once again.  He is so incredibly kind, and sweet and caring and giving and wonderful to my son and I.  I just cannot for the life of me remember if he was actually like this the entire pregnancy as well… What I can remember is he really was annoying, I didn’t make that up! ;)
  7. I never imagined breastfeeding would be so difficult!  Every day it does get a little better, practice makes perfect and thank you pregnancy gods for, “ My Brest Friend!!!”  If you plan to breastfeed and do not have one, BUY ONE!!  In the hospital I used pillows. When I got home and strapped it on, breastfeeding became easier and proved to be possibly bearable.
  8. If you think your breasts are big now… wait til your milk comes in!  I just applied for a zip code for each one of my tits!!
  9. The constipation due to the pain and anti-inflammatory meds make pregnancy constipation seem like child’s play… BEWARE!
  10. My feet and ankles are actually more swollen now than during my last weeks of pregnancy!  Something about water storage and misplacement…
  11. I no longer have the tailbone and back problems anymore… it is so freaking nice!!
  12. I can see my feet, but still not my lady bits… and that is more than OK with me!
  13. I can pee like a normal person again and only 5 times a day!  Oh it’s good!
  14. I am getting weepy… I can cry on cue.  It’s over the strangest things and only for a minute or two.  I suppose it’s like pregnancy but different?  I cannot explain it, but I’m weepy.
  15.  Thanks to an amazing reader I have some great advice I stick to everyday to ward of postpartum depression and feel semi normal. 
    1. Eat breakfast and lunch without fail
    2. Take a shower EVERYDAY
    3. Put on fresh clothes and deodorant
    4. Take a nap whenever possible
    5. Stay mindful of my feelings and emotions
  1. I have had to give up my ideas of time and night and day.  I sleep when he sleeps, I eat my breakfast and lunch then graze when possible.  I have really had to let go of any schedule or routine to not feel like I am a crappy member of society.  My son and I are our own society now.
  2. I already struggle daily with wanting my son to sleep through the night and wondering how long it will be before that happens, and just trying to embrace every stage of his life and not look forward to the next. It all does go so fast.  It’s already been a week!
  3. My son can pee and poop like a champion, sometimes he shows/sprays daddy and me! This child has peed on everything but the cat, and that’s only because the cat is scared to come near him.
  4. My baby’s feet, hands and face are tasty… I just cannot seem to keep my lips off of them!
  5. I NEVER EVER in my life imagined this kind of love could be possible, my son is a miracle.

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  1. Awe! Love your blog can't wait to meet my girl :)

    1. Thank you & Congratulations!! She will blow your mind!!

  2. Amen, sister! I could relate to just about every point there. But isn't motherhood glorious?!

    1. C-section in the eleventh hour. Birth story to come!

    2. Congratulations!!! I keep checking your blog for the story, I can't wait!

      All the very best to you and your family!!! XX