Feb 17, 2012

Observations at 2 weeks postpartum

1. I'm not pregnant anymore! Sounds silly but wait until you are two weeks postP and then you will know what I mean. I'm not sad (of course!) just empty in my belly. After 10 months it takes a little getting used to.
2. I'm almost completely recovered. I'm still sore when I bend, and have a burning sensation from time to time around the incision, but I feel pretty damn good for having my sunroof surgically opened and a baby removed, ass first no less!
3. I still have to wear a mattress to catch to "flow," but thinking I might downsize to a cot this weekend.
4. I only look 4 months pregnant now! I still need a mirror to see what's underneath my belly, but I'm not too put out by that.
5. I can almost sleep on my belly again!!
6. I do notice the weight falling off. I think it's a combo of breastfeeding and atrocious eating habits.
7. No one told me no sexy time for 6 weeks... Luckily I found out on my own, and not the hard way. Consider yourself warned! Honestly sexy time is not on my priority list but still, if it's such a no no why didn't my doctor tell me?
8. I'm excited about not having a period while I'm breastfeeding. I guess all the blood letting I'm doing now after delivery and my little vampire of a son did on my milk factories the first week of his life make up for it.
9. I cannot imagine life without my "brestfriend" nursing pillow and my hydro-gel nipple pads. Let me just tell you the two are keeping my sanity and my son alive!
10. The days fly by! I mean FLY by! I wake up and fall back to sleep so much the days are really just running into each other.
11. I never knew what "weeping" really meant until postpartum. One minute I'm watching the Family Feud, the next I've got tears FLOWING down my face. No sobbing or shuttering, just staring at the TV with waterfalls flowing out of my eyes. And then the next minute the waterfalls dry up. It's nuts!
12. The exhaustion is debilitating and maddening. How I or any other new mom holds it together is a miracle and a Devine mystery.
13. If my husband doesn't learn to keep his hands off Ollie when he's sleeping, I'm going to Gorilla Glue his hands together in his sleep! He doesn't understand what "over tired baby" means! I'm constantly yelling, "Don't you dare touch that baby!" at him.
14. I cannot believe we are going to my sons 2 week well baby check-up tomorrow! It's true the time really does go so quickly.
15. While being pregnant can suck so bad at times, it's worth every second!
16. I wish I could afford a nanny. I'm not even going to deny it. I want a nanny, there I said it!
17. I cannot sleep for more than 3 1/2 hours because my breast become so hard and sore they wake me if Oliver does not! Totally sucks, so really the nanny would only be good for changing diapers.
18. While the "Pregnancy Amnesia" has not set in yet, I would do it all over again and probably will. It does go by fast and Ollie deserves a sibling.
19. Velcro swaddlers are the greatest baby invention next to
My Brestfriend. If you don't have one, go get one! My husband and I are hopeless with a swaddling blanket. But with the Velcro swaddlers we are swaddling machines! Which if you do have one you know that's not saying much!
20. Motherhood is amazing!

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  1. I love my Brest Friend pillow - I'm actually hoping to pick up a second one :) It's funny we're at nearly the same place - I keep thinking "check, check" in my head while I'm reading your observations. The only diff is that I have been swaddling with receiving blankets *despite* owning swaddlers with velcro. I just don't know if Baby Loquacious likes the swaddlers...and I dropped big money on it too!

  2. Ahh April, you put it into words so well! The crazy matress pads are insane, no? Haha!

  3. So true Mrs Loquacious! My man loves/has to be swaddled to sleep. it may have to do with his being breech and always stuck and snug in my belly. If you don't have a swaddler, don't spend the money! Another reason The Velcro I'd best for us is because Ollie is like the incredible hulk in receiving blankets, he breaks right through.