Feb 6, 2012

My C-Section Delivery

Needless to say neither my husband nor I slept the night before. I was in the shower by 4am he was in right after me. Still we being the super team that we are left the house at 5:30, the time we were supposed to be there.

I used my phone to record the following timeline of our delivery day.

5:30 arrive at registration-- really 5:45 fashionably late!

6:00- moved into triage room, told to undress and put on gown, the one that leaves my ass fully exposed to elements. Husband taking the 500th picture of me, and now my fully exposed butt.

6:15- Massive needle for IV inserted. All of the other IV’s I have had in my life were half the size of this needle. I cannot lie. This is painful and awful. The nurse said it was such a large needle because of the high chance for blood loss, they need to be able to give blood if necessary.

6:20- Hooked up to monitors for mine and baby’s heart beats and blood pressure. Have leg warmers put on to help with swelling.

6:30- Blood work off to lab. Now we just wait for results. The whole reason we have to be here 2 hours early is so they have time to send off my blood work and have the results before surgery.

7:00 The small village arrives that will be getting my baby out. The anesthesiologist comes in to explain what he is going to do and what I can expect. I wish he either lied to me or told me I really didn’t have to listen, because now I am officially scared and super duper nervous. My husband is told to put on the sterile blue doctor “scrub” outfit.

7:15- People in room next to us announce that they are naming son Finnegan... My hopes are dashed for Finn... Looks like I have an Oliver!

7:25 doctor arrives full of smiles and says, “Lets go get your baby out!” I start crying…Oh My God, we are really going to do this!

7:30 I'm taken to the operating room! My husband is told to wait outside until I am fully prepped and they are ready to get him out.

Operating room: Oh my goodness, it is cold, loud, filled with people and believe it or not, Katie Perry's "Firework" is playing in the background. My anesthesiologist is dancing with needles in his hands. Everyone is relaxed or jacked up on coffee. I was the only person who looked like a nervous wreck.

7:45- I was prepped and ready to deliver baby. My husband was retrieved from the hallway. When I saw him I started crying again. I was so overwhelmed with emotions.

7:45—8:02The table they had me on was kind of like a cross, my arms were stretched over a board, but not tied down. I could feel little tugs and could hear my doctors talking about their plans for the weekend (seriously!). Also the table I was on rocked back and fourth and at one point I thought I was going to vomit from motion sickness. After 10 minutes of tugging, pulling, rocking and rolling, my baby was pulled out!

8:02am- Oliver is born!! 8.4 pounds and 20 inches long. Both my husband and I cried. It was the most amazing and beautiful moment of my life. There is nothing to describe it! The doctor shows him to us around the sheet and I begin sobbing. It’s MY baby!!

8:05 My husband is called over to get our baby to bring back over to me to see. He is beautiful, stunning and has so much hair I am shocked! A full head of thick brown hair!

8:05-8:30 they stitched me back up, baby and daddy stayed by my side the whole time.

After all was over, I was wheeled into recovery where I hung out for about 30 minutes before we were moved to my room. Daddy and baby never left my side.

It was all very routine, for my doctor and ER staff, for me it was overwhelming, traumatizing and amazing. I had some issues with my spinal block that were expected. I will not go into because I am a special case and do not want to scare anyone. Most everyone I talked too said the spinal lasts 5 seconds and is no big deal. I was really scared being in the operating room so lucid and feeling so alone without my husband. I will admit, at one point I started crying and said I wanted to go home and take my chances with the natural birth. When I said that the nurse holding my hand promised natural birth was MUCH worse for a first timer, and this would be over before I knew it. She also promised the recovery would be easier too.

Bottom line: I have my baby and he is magical! I love him so much and would do it all over in a heartbeat! Will I be having a sibling for him any time soon? That is still up for serious debate!

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the hospital stay and recovery. For now, I have to pass out so I can wake up every two hours to feed little man!

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  1. Not going to lie... this brings back way too fresh of memories and I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I've got a little leech on my boob... thanks for sharing!!!

  2. As usual you have me crying and laughing at the same time trying to read this out to hubby. I'm glad it went so smoothly for you all. 2wks left for me and I'm nervous as hell. Big hugs to you all, hope it's all going well at home. Xx

  3. It still blows my mind, even after 10 months of pregnancy, that one day soon I will actually have a baby. I'm so happy for you.

  4. I'm so so happy for you! I have 8 wks left and just want it to be over with I'm so scared. I totally cried reading this though! It's good to hear that people actually finish being pregnancy and get the prize at the end. :)