Feb 4, 2012

Mom and baby are doing very well!

I was hoping to get the blog post up about my birthing experience by now, but due to computer issues and the constant interruptions I'm just not going to be able to. :(

Luckily, I can make short and sweet posts from my phone. Here is the good news...

Baby, papa and I are officially the happiest family in the world, my incision is healing "nicely." Baby Oliver is acclimating to life on the outside swimmingly, and my husband is the proudest papa ever.

We are being sent home Sunday morning. I will have a full report uploaded by Monday morning on my csection-which I have listed minute by minute, my hospital stay, recovery and what it's like to have the most beautiful baby boy in the world... destroying your nipples one feeding at a time!

My friends, Life is good!

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  1. Ask for Medela Tender Care HydroGel Pads... Hopefully your hospital has them or something like them! They are amazing!! :-) If they don't, have someone bring them to you!

  2. Can't wait for your story... enjoy it all- even the horrifying nipple pain- So glad you all are doing well!

  3. CONGRATS! :) SO EXCITING! And no kidding about constant interruptions...may get harder to post now that Oliver is cuter than the computer! :)