Feb 15, 2012


My husband and I have spent the day preparing to start blogging the new site. The plan is to begin next Monday in full force. While I'm sure I will need to add a few postpartum blogs to this site from time to time, I officially have WAY more to say about being a "first time mom."

I need to prepare/warn all of you first timers out there about what happens when you have no idea how to put a diaper on properly, or that babies projectile out of every orifice! Yes, I have had my hand and the wall sprayed with a massive projectile "shart" (shit-fart), I have had to change my poor son up to four times a day, at first, because I didn't realize that just because the diaper was on and fastened his little fire hose needed to be pointed down in the off position or it would manage to spray out, EVERYWHERE! If you over feed, (yes it can be done when you are breastfeeding a glutinous infant like mine) he will show you exactly how much over you went on your clothes, BTW never feed without a burp cloth close by. I could go on and on, which I plan to do starting next Monday.

My husband and I are hopeless, my baby's blank stares and cries from the five minute 30 wipe diaper changes are proof of that. I promise you this new blog is all about what to expect and what not to do.

I have three more blogs planned for the rest of this week, but after that I'm not too sure when or how often I will post here. On the right hand side of this blog is a subscription via email link. If you are interested, this option will allow you to get all new posts sent to your email once I upload them.

I love this site and plan to make a book out of it. I have no doubt I will still add posts from time to time to say hi to the new preggies out there, who hate their husbands and are so tired of being pregnant all they can do is cry and scream. Oh my am I glad those days are behind me, for now...

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