Jan 14, 2012

Weekend holiday

This weekend I'm taking a holiday from everything! With only 3 weeks left before I deliver, I need a timeout so to speak. I need time to sleep, relax, meditate and breath. I have informed my husband that I will be on holiday from 7:30 Friday night until 6pm Sunday, and not to ask me to do anything. I will only be engaging in activities that I want and will not be available for anything. I need some Me time before Mommy time consumes me.

I have also informed him that he should do the same. We both deserve a couple of days to unplug and enjoy the things that we individually enjoy. We have been going at full steam for the last two months preparing for baby. The nursery is finished, the clothes are washed and the bag is packed. It's time to relax and be selfish since the opportunity to do this again may not present itself again in this decade!

The good news is that I have taken time out before and know how well it works! I can honestly say I get sick of myself by the end of the weekend. I get bored with being bored and am ready to resume my life and obligations. I also always emerge feeling fully recharged and at peace. I need this weekend for so many reasons, and I plan to take full advantage if it!

I am also planning on a nice "romantic" weekend for us next weekend. Of course it will consist of
not doing too much of anything but we will do nothing together… happily or I will kick his ass! We are going to have a proper date night though, with a nice dinner and then a movie, a total date movie at that! I already have my outfit picked out so I won't have a complete meltdown like I usually do...

Then for our last weekend before baby, I plan on planning nothing. This way we can do whatever we really need to do...plus I expect we will both be freaking out too much to enjoy anything other than trying to be as prepared as possible.

This all goes back to my recent realization of how precious our moments in life are and how we have to relish each one. I will be a mother soon, I don't want to be absorbed with the unknown fears and anxiety anymore than I have too. I want to bask in my last days of fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-ness.

I really hope I have talked you into having a weekend holiday of your own. Even if you have children already, call the grandparents, anyone! Ladies, as you know all too well, growing a human is hard work! You deserve a holiday... or two!

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  1. Treat for myself this weekend: I'm sending the hubs to Red Hot Roasters because I hear they have good decaf coffee that was extracted by the water method and not chemically. Coffee!

  2. My son, age 3, is now super clingy such that here are the list of people he would like to carry him: Mommy. He actually started hitting his beloved spoiling gift-giving grandma the other day when she tried to pick him up when he wanted me. I wish I could get a weekend away, but he senses what is going on and he hates it.