Jan 10, 2012

Third Trimester Fatigue

Third Trimester Fatigue is in one word, debilitating. While debilitating is in my opinion the most encompassing, I have a few other words that come close… Ridiculous. Upsetting. Insane. Crap. Hardcore. Unfortunate. And now for what I’m really thinking. Dammit. HELP! Shithole. Why Me? I’m so TIRED of being pregnant! I have no control over my days with fatigue like this. Everyone keeps telling me, “it’s ok, listen to your body, just relax and sleep.” So much easier said than done!

With only 3 weeks left there is so much I still need to do, but with the fatigue and baby brain I am at a full-on loss for the energy to do it. Not to mention, I keep thinking of the proven research that shows that my brain has been shrinking during the third trimester… So what if the research shows there are no known effects from it, I am not quite convinced that is entirely true. I’ve never known exhaustion like this, the first trimester fatigue was rough, but usually induced by a long day of work and cured with a nap. The third trimester fatigue is cured by absolutely nothing! There is no cure since there is no way to get good rest during the third trimester... it's such a vicious cycle.

Maybe it’s Karma from saying “I’m so TIRED of being pregnant,” the pregnancy Gods decided to show me what being “so tired” is like. FYI- I wake up and go to sleep exhausted. The corners of my eyes hurt, my body aches, my world is fuzzy and I can barely accomplish anything above the level of half-ass. UGH!

Please heed my warning, the last few weeks are so rough! Keep your expectations low so you don’t end up like me, pissed that you are absolutely worthless without a snow balls chance in hell of “doing the damn!” So, look over at your significant other, hand over your to do list and go to sleep, because if you feel half as crappy as I do, that is as close to doing the damn thing you are going to get.

Now- on side note- two things.

  1. My ankles are so swollen that when I took my socks off today the indention was so deep it had fat hanging over it! Here is the part I don’t get, my socks didn’t even feel that tight? Yet, the top of them left a mark that looked like my ankle was minutes away from being squeezed off.
  2. Add one more thing to your hospital bag list! A been there done that mother told me to pack an outfit for “baby’s hospital photo.” Some hospitals will allow you to give the nurse an outfit to put on your newborn for the photo that is uploaded to the hospital’s website.

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