Jan 29, 2012

Nothing yet...

I usually don't post every weekend but being so close to delivery I thought I'd touch base to say, nope nothing yet! I'm actually really surprised at how active he is. I had heard the last two weeks he would not be as active, because he really didn't have much room to move. Well could havd fooled me, he's still pushing and kicking business as usual!

I have started to wonder if I am not going to follow the "norm" now that I am officially a member of the 4-6%breech club? I see his head sticking up where most see feet, I also still get kicks in the pelvis but don't have the pressure of a head bearing down. Bottom line: this boy is not going anywhere, but without a doubt coming out in the next 5 days!!!

I also think it's worth mentioning that I have a very strange sense of calm regarding it all. As of this moment, I am not afraid of having the Csection nor am I afraid of mommy hood. Both things have been a long time coming and after nearly 10 months of anxiety, I have made peace with my fears and am just ready to do the damn thing!

The only real anxiety I am carrying at this point is not having name. We have a few picked out that we collectively like so worst case baby has a name, but I still just wish it was one we collectively love.

Regardless, in just a few days I will know how big he is, if being breech has caused any really issues, and what his name is... Amazing thing is that I have been carrying this boy for 9.3 months and your guess is as good as mine and the doctors!

I will now leave you with the evil gift my husband bought me. So much for behaving this last week...

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  1. More consoling from a ninja kitten -- we did not have a name for my son either. We had three choices, with two of them being top choices. We did not name our son for FOUR DAYS. We literally named him as we left the hospital and I spent two or three weeks regretting/worrying about the name choice. And now? I love the name. It fits him to him a T. Once I wrapped my head around that it was his name and it would not be changed and I spent time thinking of him as that, it became him.

  2. I'm craving ice cream too! I'm overdue now by 2 days, and *hoping* against hope that baby will come before they talk about inducing. And I'm with you on baby - she's still active (but only when I'm trying to sleep), despite supposedly having zero room.

  3. @Kitten- thank you! We just cannot agree. Maybe it will take the hospital staff to squeeze it outof us...

    @Mrs Loquacious-2 days over due!! I cannot imagine. I'm 38 weeks 4 days and positive I couldn't make it to 40... Or if I did there would be casualties and a lot of use tissues along the way. I wish I could by you an ice cream beacuse momma you deserve it!!!