Jan 23, 2012

My baby has dropped!

My doctor would freak out if she read this post, and please do not try this at home because you read it here… BUT!! Let me just tell you a little story and I’ll start from the beginning…

I have really been worried about the fact that I crossed the 36-week mark and my baby was still breech. I know it is not really a bad thing, and I’m just being paranoid, but with facts like, “only 3-5% of babies are breech at birth” and “the chances of the baby turning out of breech after 36 weeks greatly decrease…” I’m a little concerned to say the least. And trust me, it’s best if I don’t even go into why babies stay breech according to “Google!” My doctor is fully annoyed with me about it, tells me to stop worrying, and that she and her daughter were breech… so… Anyway, I still decided to take matters into my own hands…

Of course I have researched all the “known” ways to get baby out of the breech position, and the only one that seemed fairly quick and did not require a doctor or mid wife, was to get on all fours and rock back and fourth. Now, I also read that this is something I would need to do for a while, so I decided the same kind of motion was needed for scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen floors… yes, on bed rest. People, clearly I am losing my mind over here. Anyways, I did it, I scrubbed the two floors, knees on pillows and the one arm not scrubbing propped on a small pillow. This 3-pillow method was the only way I could physically do it, and my husband would let me.

When I was finished scrubbing, or really could take no more, I took a shower and I nearly fainted when I got out looked in the mirror. My belly was noticeably lower! I yelled for my husband and he nearly fainted as well! I think we were both so in shock we decided it was a coincidence, because if this method was that good we all would be doing it! Still, I was noticeably lower and immediately got excited about the fact that maybe he was out of breech and on his way! I got out all of my books to see if a baby could still “drop” in the breech position. Unfortunately, I have not found any conclusive information one way or another. I’m just going to have to wait for my doctors appointment in two days to find out.

Ok, now on to the big “drop.” FUNNY! I have been carrying so high the whole time that having this strange droopy belly is funny! What’s not funny is that now it rests right on my legs when I sit, and it is physically impossible to spread my legs wide enough for it to fall through. However the only way to sit comfortably is to try. Sitting lady like is so far out of the question now even my husband is disgusted with my new way of sitting! I now have more pressure in my pelvis, but I do breathe a bit better. It also seems like I can eat more. But, then again, I am like a frigging garbage disposal with food! I am starving every two hours now, and all I want is Carbs-bread, cupcakes, cereal, sugar, candy and yogurt. I really think I have eaten more in the last week than all last month!

I just cannot believe that somewhere between 1 and 11 days I will have a baby! My baby! My coworker kept promising me, “nobody stays pregnant forever,” and “It will be over before you know it.” As much as I wanted to slap her for being so positive when I wanted to be negative, she was right! Don’t get me wrong some days and weeks seemed like forever, but I have to admit it all has gone by fairly quickly. With the exception of the first trimester and last 6 weeks, it wasn’t so horrible… OH GOD THE AMNESIA IS ALREADY SETTING IN!!! I’m going to stop now before I say I like pregnancy and have to throw up in my mouth for it… ;)

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  1. Heh, if your baby turned away from breech, it might be longer than 11 days if they decide to let you go natural -- any chance of that? I never noticed my son drop in the first pregnancy, and in every pregnancy besides your first it is normal for the drop to occur only the day you go into labor. :( So, breathing problems still exist and my stomach is still not able to handle the food I'd like to eat.

  2. No unfortunately there is no chance of natural, it's too dangerous for me and baby. I have cracked my sacrum and have hairline fractures in my left hip. I'm not convinced he's head down but my belly is noticeably lower... I'm going to call my doctor and let her know just to be on the safeside.

  3. I was not aware that you were put on bed rest! How long has that been the case? Does that cut into the 12 weeks that you get for FMLA? I thought my daughter dropped last week but I think she was just curled up preparing for her growth spurt that occurred yesterday. Just when I thought my lung capacity could not get any smaller without me being dead, that's exactly what happened. Not to mention that I had two bites of dinner and you would have thought I was the winner of a hot dog eating contest. I was so fullllll....
    I'm excited to hear if baby has turned but if he has not, he'll still be just fine!

  4. I was put on full bed rest when I went to the hospital the week before Christmas. After talking with my doctor I got released from full- to partial- I promised not to make one unnecessary move and ALWAYS wear my brace when not sleeping. Truth be told too long in bed makes me more stiff than anything else, but 5 minutes on my feet causes the worst pelvic pressure… When my husband agrees to let me go grocery shopping or to Target I have to use one of those stupid chairs, which I HATE., so now I’m like the dog, I love getting to go for a ride but I have to wait in the car.

    I don’t have FMLA with my job because out satellite office is so small. But I am an outside sales rep so I can work from home, plus my boss has agreed to let my husband cover for me once I deliver. He is even paid for the work and mileage too when he goes to visit my clients! A huge blessing!

    As for you and the small sips of breath and winning the hot dog eating contest in two bite… LMBO!!! I almost cried the other night when my husband made me my favorite dinner and after smelling the smells I was full! I could barely take the two bites! I just took a bite, and stared at it until I could take a second… It only took all night to eat the whole plate! But, What I don’t understand is why I feel like I am gaining twice as much a day now?

    I really don’t think he has moved head down all the way… I think his head went from 12 O’clock to 3 o’clock so to speak… I am going to find out for sure in a couple of days and report back!

    Not long now for us both! All the very best to you!

  5. I *think* I dropped but I'm still not 100% sure. My kid's been riding high for the whole pregnancy and I am technically 4 days away from the EDD. Maybe I should just get on my hands and knees (though I hate getting back up from that position). I need her low enough to fully engage and press her head into the pelvis, thereby beginning the labour process. Waiting's a b*tch!