Jan 31, 2012

I know it is Back Labor, we have to go to the hospital!

Dammit! When am I going to learn to stick to the plan?

Last night I was lying in bed, minding my own business when I was punched in my lower back so hard I thought I was paralyzed. I couldn't get out of bed without my husbands help, tears, fear, the whole freak out was going down. The pain was smack dab in the center of my lower back, right on my tail bone or really, at the very peak of my butt crack (sorry TMI, but it's me!) I have read about back labor and being that my baby is breech I am candidate for it. Still, I held out from calling the doctor. I was not feeling any contractions, so I decided I may just have been laying wrong.

I took two Tylenol, one extra strength, one PM so I would relax a little. I managed to get down into a warm bath. I made myself focus on the baby, the pain and most of all, try to chill out! I was still scared I was having back labor, but without the contractions, water breaking, or "bloody show" (which have I told you how friggin stupid that term is? I think it is just as stupid as Morning Sickness. Neither one is a true explanation of the very typical pregnancy symptom. Bloody show makes me think of... Pints of blood! Oi! Ok I know... I digress) So, none of the "labor" symptoms were there so I managed to pull it together, get out of the tub and relax enough to get to sleep.

Then 5:40am came and so did a second punch. I woke right up and this time the pain seemed worse. I had already been up to pee probably 3-4 times since originally going to sleep, and while the pain was there, it was not unbearable. By 6:30 I was sure in addition to the back pain I was feeling contractions, not regular but none the less, cramping and tightness. I called my doctor's office, or really the answering service. When she called back, I explained my symptoms and she agreed at 38 weeks and 5 days it could very well be back labor with my breech baby. Off we went to the hospital, bag in hand, ready to have my little big boy!

Long Story short, I am writing from the comfort of my couch. While I have dilated "a finger" since last Monday, and there were some "abnormal" contractions recorded, most likely he was sitting on a nerve or had moved into a position that was putting a lot of pressure on my injuries. Bottom line: If I was ok with the pain we could stick to the Thursday Csection. Oddly enough I was more than happy to wait. I am uncomfortable as hell, the pain is nutso and so am I, but I am about to have a baby, I need my last few days!

Lesson #44 from me... You have two choices in this situation. 1. Wait for the normal regular contractions to start, your water to break or the "bloody show" before calling the doctor. You know... Wait for labor to begin. The plan we talked about a week ago! 2. Call the doctor, get some peace of mind, go to the hospital, spend 2 hours being monitored. If you are anything like me, the second you step foot in the hospital you will feel like a million bucks compared to the ride over and the nurses will laugh at you when you leave... Your choice. But, if I would have stuck to the plan I could have avoided the trip. Oh and after about 15 minutes of moving around my back pain went back to a "2" on the 1-10 scale of pain.

This morning was a serious eye opening experience. This boy is on his way in a few short days! My pregnancy has been riddled with so many peaks and valleys that I have really taken it one day at a time. Now that I am down to just a couple of days I need to slow down, look around and make sure everything is in it's place. And, well, I suppose working on a name for a few more days needs to be at the top of the priority list too. Which, thank you so much to all of my fabulous readers for letting me know they showed up to the hospital carrying Baby "No Name" too. I almost feel like that is the norm!

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  1. I am sooooo sorry! What a miserable way to wake up :( For your sake I hope you don't have to experience a full birth of back labor- I'm not a fan of the c-section (I didn't have a choice with mine)- but I think it might be better than back labor with a breech baby! Hang in there!!!

    and the name? tons of parents do it- we weren't sure what we would go with either until he screamed... that's why the baby is called "Baby Boy ____ (mom's last name)__" at the hospital- gives you plenty of time to make the decision official :) (at least where we were!)

  2. So being on all fours didn't help baby turn over?!? :( I don't have back labour but I have *zero* labour (which is worse?) at 40+4. I also have the worst sore cramping ever, in my groin. Makes walking a very unpleasant activity which sucks since walking is like the #1 method of natural induction.