Jan 25, 2012

How low can you go…is my baby dropping or drooping from and cupcakes?!

It’s official my belly has dropped so far that none of my maternity tops cover my massive belly… well if they do my gargantuan milk factories pop out of the top! This boy is dropping and I am certain of it. The other day I was not sure if he really had “dropped.” Not being able to cover my belly anymore down at the bottom is the dead give away. Even though I will not know until tomorrow if he is still breech for sure, though I think he is, I am certain my belly is hanging lower.

If you thought I was crazy about every feeling of pressure being the onset of labor before, imagine how I am now! Psycho…

I actually have wound myself up so much over going into labor that to maintain sanity I called my girlfriends, read my books and went online to find out exactly what I should be looking for/feeling. From it all I have two things I am really focusing on happening before I completely loose it, yell for my husband and grab the bag.

  1. Pressure pains that start in my back and go down and around to my pelvis. I know for sure what Braxton Hicks are and the true labor pains are supposed to be worse. I am also going to have to wait until I feel at least 5 of those pains consistently.
  2. My water breaks. It doesn’t even have to be a rush of fluid, but the fluid does have to be noticeably more than I get from a really funny joke!
I feel at ease now having a kind of "labor test" to look out for. Now when I get the pressure pains or Braxton Hicks I won't think, "this is it! my water is going to break, HE'S COMING," at least five times a day. I just am so afraid of him getting stuck in the birth canal before I can get to the hospital. My doctor always tells me not to worry becuse most women on their first pregnancy can, and really on average, experience VERY long (16-24 hour) labors… With numbers like that my C-Section is not looking so bad. Plus, I live 10 minutes from the hospital, so I am confident I will have plenty of time to make it.

Oh my goodness I cannot believe I am seriously writing these words and preparing for delivery!

Moving on to a side note… What is up with my intense sugar cravings these last couple of weeks? I am like a kid on Halloween screaming, crying and demanding candy! Maybe I am not even dropping at all. Maybe I am just drooping from candy and cupcakes? Oi! All I can think of when I am sitting on the couch with a box/bag/bowl of candy resting on my belly is Homer Simpson with beer and donuts. I have my fat belly hanging out, legs spread wide open, crumbs all over me and the stream of drool coming out… YES! It is very sexy! So sexy I thought I would look for a picture of Homer to prove it. I could not find what I was looking for, but I found the base model and will let you use your imagination for the rest…

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  1. Ha, the sugar cravings! I'm right there with you. I nearly started to scream at a Dunkin Donuts employee today when they told me they didn't have powdered strawberry jelly filled doughnuts. Like it was all a personal affront!

    Congrats by the way. I can't wait to hear your birth story. I'm only two weeks behind you and I need the cheering on.

  2. I made marble cake and bought Chinese coconut custard buns. Been nibbling on Jelly Bellys and honey roasted cashews and sucking down sweet tea as well. Total sugar love.

  3. Lol!! Donuts and sweet tea will be my breakfast for sure! I'll ask my doctor for answers... But not solutions. I love sugar!

  4. My remedy for the maternity tops no longer covering my massive belly was to take an old t-shirt (or new one) and cut the sleeves and neck off and pull it down low to cover the gap.

    And I am right there with you on sugar cravings. I made my husband buy me some Poptarts yesterday. He felt compelled to explain to the people in line and cashier that "my wife doesn't normally go for these, but she's pregnant."

  5. I hear ya girl! Every little twinge or ache I am CONVINCED I am going into labor. Unfortunately Doc says I'm only 1cm so I have a ways to go... 17 days and counting!

    So this is a little off topic.... but I was re-reading some of your older posts, and I came across the one where "Mr. Piss Legs" decorated the nursery with Star Wars stuff... Well... I came across these ADORABLE Star Wars posters for a baby boy nursery and thought I'd pass along the link to you. We are huge Star Wars fans and are getting one for the babe's room. Check it out! I thought of you when I came across them.

  6. LOL! Thanks Alissa. I am not even dilated at all! This baby has no desire to come out. Only a week left for me... How exciting, please keep me posted.

    I LOVE the Poster! I will take pictures of our finished nursery tonight and post them in tomorrows blog so you and your husband can see... "Mr. Piss Legs" Went ALL OUT!

  7. I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and it's scary how what you write could have come right from my mouth (or fingertips). I've served baby an eviction notice, but with 12 days to go, he's not listening.
    Oh, and I totally had a frosted brownie with sprinkles and a huge glass of milk for breakfast. Ok, it was two brownies. :)

  8. 2 brownies! Good for you, I'm amazed by your will power. If there are ten, I'm eating ten! Or were there only 2... Lol