Jan 8, 2012

How can I be hungry already?

I have never been so ravenous in my entire life! Over the past three days I have been eating ALL DAMN DAY! I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and then snack my brains out in between. The major problem is that I am so ravenous that I am not even able to make wise choices anymore. Actually, it's not even about wise choices, I JUST WANT FOOD AND LOTS OF IT!!!! I know at 9 months he is supposed to gain up to a pound a week, but at this rate we will both gain a pound a day!

For example, yesterday I ate an English Muffin with cream cheese with a bowl of grapes, then a bowl of cereal, then a handful (or twelve) of Cheez-its, then a bacon, mayo and guacamole sandwich from Jimmy Johns with a bag of chips- by the way, yes there was lettuce and tomato on it, but since I asked for extra mayo I couldn't taste anything else, plus I was in hailing it so taste was not really high on my priority list. Then I ate a cupcake, a bowl of Chinese soup, another twelve handfuls of Cheez-its, a candy bar and a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. I told you I was officially Miss Fatty Fatty Boom Boom!

I have always insisted that good health and nutrition always boiled easily down to wise choices. It's as simple as not letting bad food choices cross the threshold of your house or mouth and therefore your grocery list. Well, that self righteous bullshit is not flying in my house anymore! How do you think the cupcakes, candy bar, ice-cream and chocolate sprinkles made it into the house? Oh did I forget to mention that all of it was washed down with a homemade Cherry Coke? Ok, well here is where I was under control because while I did by myself a bottle of grenadine, I stuck to a bottle of CAFFEINE FREE Coke so I wouldn't dehydrate and pee an extra 100 times.

While I have had a blast just eating crap, I feel like it too. Today is my grocery day so I am going to try to revert to my self righteous bullshit shopping. You know, grapes instead of cookies, yogurt instead of ice-cream... I have to pack this house with as many wise, readily available, choices as possible. I'm serious, I am like a freakish bottomless pit of a hungry Preg, and time is not on my side when I walk into my kitchen! I need food and the first thing I can shove in my pie hole is what I eat.

I have 3 weeks left, now is not the time to loose my shit and eat my way through Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Even though it sounds like the most fabulous way to end my psycho trip down Pregnancy Lane, I know better. I just wonder if am going to continue wanting to eat like a lunatic when baby comes and for how long at that?

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  1. The great thing about breastfeeding is your caloric needs are even higher than when you are pregnant. There are a few foods to avoid while breastfeeding, but no where near the list for pregnancy. Here is a link on what and why. http://www.babyzone.com/baby/feeding_nutrition/breastfeeding/photos_foods-to-avoid-while-breastfeeding