Jan 1, 2012


I LOVE a "new" year.  I get to close the chapter on the past and start a new year with a clean slate, completely open to unknown possibilities.  I make myself forgive and forget the bad, embrace the good and know the mistakes of the prior year will lead me to a wiser new year.

I also love a new year for the guarantee of change.  I know every year where I am today will be far from where I am this time next year. It's up to me to make wise choices, embrace change, take leaps of faith and always keep an open heart and mind.

I have such high hopes for 2012! I think it is safe to say for us first time moms, it will certainly be the most interesting and fulfilling year of our lives yet!  Oh and... I wouldn't be me if I didn't say... If I find myself pregnant twice in 2012... God's plan has a real sense of humor! ; )

Happy New Year from my family to yours. May 2012 be your very best year yet!  

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