Jan 18, 2012

Fetal Movements at 37-weeks

In my case “Fetal Movements at 37-weeks” should be called “Fetal Ass Kicking at 37-weeks!" Since week 24 my fetal movements have progressively become more pronounced and even predictable. Well, tonight I learned all about a new kind of fetal movement, it’s what I call the one-two punch with a sidekick for fun.

Nothing leading up to tonight could have prepared me for the 20 minute bellying stretching that I got. Not only did the little man do his usual pushing and nudging. I consider it him looking for the week spot in my belly to break out of. Tonight he tried a whole new tactic, he did it with a gnarly set of hiccups! HOLY CRAP IT WAS INSANE. He was in there pushing and jumping with Hiccups, for a solid 20 minutes!

Ok, so picture it, me beached in the reclining chair, belly jumping from hiccups, all while his head and shoulders are rolling around, and then every few seconds he would add a foot stomp pushing off my pelvis, or really what felt like was his foot creeping down into one of my two lower orifices, if you know what I mean… Since he is still breach it really just feels like he is trying to stand up straight in there. I’m afraid he is going to push his head up into my left or right breast then manage a toe or possibly the whole foot out of lower orifice! Oh my goodness it’s nuts!

While I understand how blessed I am that he is strong enough to go ape shit inside me, after 20 minutes of the hardcore jungle gym action, I was ready to go for a marathon walk to rock him to sleep. I also suppose that never in my life did I think I could honestly say I got my ass repeatedly kicked by a negative 15-day year old baby. So good times for sure!

Have I told you lately how much I love being pregnant? Nothing in this world compares that’s for sure!

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  1. My little one is lazy like her momma. There aren't many kicks...just when I'm laying down to sleep or in the bath. Even then, I'm pretty sure it's her turning over to a more comfy sleeping position, rather than her trying to break free from the womb. Heck, I'd love if she wanted to break free. Any time now. But no, she's very content to stay inside for what seems like it will be a very, very long time.

  2. I'm going to actually somewhat comfort you here if you do decide to have future children -- each child is different. My son loved to sleep. Small lazy kicks and punches and gentle hiccups at night were his routine. I'd often do kick counts to console myself that my child was okay. On his due date, we got taken to C-section partially because he simply refused to wake his sleepy morning self up to the ultrasound technician thumping on my stomach. He only ever went crazy when I played Rock Band so I stopped playing it!

    This one? She is a crazy ninja. I have learned to hate her stretching routines. Where is she trying to go? Also, how is she hitting both of my hipbones at once? What is she doing? Additionally, why does she never hiccup? By this time in my last pregnancy, I experienced hiccups twice a day! Now, if I get one set, I'm shocked!

  3. Thank you... Both of you. I have really come to loathe the stretching too. It's really really freaking uncomfortable! Like you Ninja Kitten he's kicking both hip bones while trying to push out of my belly button. And with hiccups, twice a day... I loved the kicks... I wish I still got them, it's the streching that's rough.

  4. I can't tell if my movements are kicks or contractions I was up 13hrs being stretched and rolled from the inside out every half hour last night I also feel very sick and achy. I just so tired!