Jan 26, 2012

38 week check-up

I wish I had some great news, but my doctor did not say anything to make me feel better. She even offered to let him stay in an extra day! Here is how it went…

  1. Weigh-in-Still no idea how much I have gained or weigh. So that’s a good one!
  2. Measuring- “he is still measuring very big!” “You really have a big boy in there with a big grapefruit head!” Really? How in the hell can she tell he has a big head? Ok, so mommy and daddy have big heads, but do two fat heads make a grapefruit?
  3. Position- He has dropped! He is still breech. My doctor prepared us for the possibilities of his legs being stuck in the breech position for a little while. Worst case he will need a brace if his hips have not developed or become dislocated. Ok... it’s all going to be ok. He will be fine, it doesn’t matter in the big scheme. I have to thank my friend Claire for reminding me that, “he is coming into this world Ass first!” something about that just makes me laugh. To know his mommy and daddy, coming into this world defiant and ass first is more than appropriate! LOVE IT!
  4. My pelvis and hips- They are “not operating properly.” My pelvis is not opening at all. He is breech because he has nowhere to go. I am not sending any signals to him to move. Basically my hips have not changed one bit since becoming pregnant. With the exception of not making a spacious place for my son to grow, I’m over it. The only really unknown fear we have left is how much Scar Tissue is in there. Too much can cause complications with both the anesthesia and delivery. Too much scar tissue could cause the local anesthesia not to take and possibly make it necessary to put me under for delivery. BOO! In regard to the actual delivery out of the sunroof, an excess of scar tissue can make maneuvering him out difficult.
  5. Dilation and effacement- Nothing! I should not be surprised with the whole pelvis and hips not moving. In the words of my sister, “so if we want him to come out we will have to blast him out?!” Yes, it appears that he will have to be physically removed if we want him out. Even though, I have read stories of women going to their appointment in the morning and not being dilated at all and delivering 10 hours later.

As much as I want to throw a pity party, I just cannot. He is showing every sign of being big and healthy regardless of all that is going on with me. His heartbeat is super strong, his growth and apparently head are ahead of the game. He is being moved out of his current place of residence in 7 short days and into all the room in the world he needs, literally! Oh the woes of mommy hood.

Both my doctor and my friend told me to just try and enjoy these last 7 days of pregnancy, especially if I really decide to not have/ or cannot have another child. SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE! I am just so damn uncomfortable, itchy and hungry! I get it,  I am really going to try to stay focused on him and the way he feels in my body. No worries, I’ll let you know how that goes. ; )

Tomorrow I am going to post more pics of our crazy Star Wars Nursery. Here is a sneak peak for you and especially, Alissa and her Husband. Yes, there are two names, and something tells me that neither one is it. Yes, 38 weeks and no name... WE SUCK!

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  1. With the severity of injuries you sustained in your accident, can you imagine how much more pain/discomfort you'd be in if your hips were operating properly?! It sounds like you have a wonderful doctor who is more than capable of handling anything that may occur... including the need to blast him out of there. ;-) Enjoy your last week and, in keeping with your nursery theme, may the force be with you on your due date.

  2. Awesome pics!! I was just telling my husband Andy this morning that I feel like a celebrity! I've never had a shout-out in a blog before :) Can't wait to see the rest of it. So jealous that you get to meet your little man in 7 DAYS.... AHhhhh... I got all excited last night because I had a few contractions before bed... but they went away :( 16 and counting for me.

  3. @ Moonshine- You are right, some of the worst pain I have felt so far has been directly related to my injuries. And the only thing I can think of with 7 days to go is to sleep in and sleep often!

    @Alissa, LOL! If you or your husband have any questions tomorrow about our Force Filled room, please don't hesitate to email me at tiredofbeingpregnant@gmail.com! I love those, "Is this it? Contractions!" Who knows maybe you only have 7 days too... ; )

  4. Found your blog today and wanted to thank you for your honesty and willingness to share everything you're going through. I am 9 wks pregnant w my first baby. I'm typing to you from my bed in the dark here in Brooklyn. It's 2pm. I feel horrendous nearly all the time. Sick if I eat, sick if I don't eat, metal taste in my mouth, exhausted, sad, lonely. It is sucking hard and in a way I never expected... and I've already lived through some Pretty Seriously Sucky Things.
    Anyway. Sounds like you're getting off this misery boat just as I am coming aboard. Wanted to wish you and the baby and your husband and your new family ALL THE BEST!! I hope that big-headed baby turns to whatever position is safest and easiest for you both and comes
    sooner rather than later. You be well in the meantime ...and thanks again. Love, dm

  5. Dear "DM,”

    Welcome aboard the Love Sick boat! Thank you SO SO SO much for your kind caring words, it really means more to me than you will ever know! I wrote this blog for two reasons, 1. So I could scream, cry and bitch about how horrible pregnancy is, since everyone tries to ell you how wonderful it is! (Which by week 20 it does get a little better, and when you feel that first kick or flutter, you are all in at that point, it's amazing!) And 2. To write to people like you, so you know you are not the only one who thinks it sucks and it's ok to think it sucks, because if you cannot honor your own feelings than what good are YOUR feelings then anyway!

    In regard to your sickness, sparkling water (cheap is fine!) and crackers are your friend, so is watermelon if you can handle it. Do your best not to get hungry and in the middle of the night when you get up to pee for the 10th time eat a yogurt or drink some kind of a smoothie. Something to get you through the night so you don't wake up in hell... for the 44th day in a row!

    And PLEASE do not hesitate to email me at tiredofbeingpregnant@gmail.com if you need a friend, have a question or just plain want to bitch. God knows I have spent the last 9 moths bitching, screaming, and crying, it's my turn to listen!

    All the very best to you and your baby, regardless of how completely shitty your pregnancy is, inside you is a huge gift and blessing that is going to make your life so much more important and wonderful! Hang in there lil' momma the best is yet to come...

    My heart and prayers are with you,


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  7. DM, no guarantee of course, but that metallic taste went away for me at roughly week 25 or so and that changed my life for the positive. I can't tell you how badly that taste made me feel.