Jan 17, 2012

37-Week Check up

This morning we had our 37-week check up.  First of all, I didn’t sleep at all last night because I couldn’t get comfortable and felt so achy from the beached whale style flipping and flopping.  So, it should come as no surprise that when my doctor walked in this morning I said, “ok I give, you can take him out now!”   I am terrible!! But, UGH!!!! I am feeling so achy, stuffed and uncomfortable… Yes I know, clearly I am a spoiled, selfish, crabby brat who thinks I should live in bliss 100% of the time.

As usual it all started with the weigh in. Again I squeezed my eyes shut and went to my “happy place,” because I know if I look I will need a lot more than my happy place.  We (my husband and I) were shown to the room and I was told to prepare for the doctor.  My husband proceeded to immediately go through every drawer, play with the Doppler, and make jokes about the stirrups.  When he got bored with going through and touching everything he filled a glove up with warm water, tied it shut and stuck it in his sleeve to shake the doctors hand.  Lucky for me she expects nothing less from him…

Finally the doctor came in and after my husbands antics we got down to business.  She told me last weeks Strep B test came back negative, which is a very good thing!  I told her all in all I really did feel ok.  I understand the normal issues of pregnancy all to well now, and feel like I am coexisting well with it. Minus the bitching and grunting and death looks at my husband for not having to go through this too of course.  We heard the heartbeat and then she measured my massive belly, all checked out well. I opted out of having my cervix checked for dilation since I have not had the first contraction.  Routine to say the least…

Then we talked about the fact that he is still breech at 37 weeks and my hopes for him  turning south are running out.  I asked her if she thought anything was wrong with him because it is looking like he will be one of 5% still breech at birth.  She had such a shocked look on her face from the question that I was actually really comforted by it.  She said absolutely nothing showed any signs of that, and of the 5% still breech a VERY VERY VERY small percent have any issue.  She said at worst he would have his legs stuck in breech for a day or two but not to worry. 

She and the other doctor over seeing me agree it is my pelvis not working properly that is most likely the issue.  My pelvis and left hip still have the fractures and tons of scar tissue from my car accident. I really should not be surprised by any of it.  In fact, I realize how lucky I am that he has developed so well with only half of my body working properly.

What I have also come to realize in these last few weeks from my readers and talking to other mothers… The way I feel is normal and really could be so much worse!  An uneventful weekly appointment is really a blessing and I need to stay focused on that. The longer he stays in, the more developed and healthy he will be, that is all that matters. How I feel is irrelevant at this point, I am in the home stretch and all these aches and pain will be gone soon, and thanks to pregnancy amnesia, so will the memory of it. With 16 days left I can make it.  I am so excited about having him here, and whether or not I am questioning my own abilities I really know in my heart everything will be ok. ; )

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  1. I'm really hoping for you that he comes a week early (ie, the earliest that people seem to agree is perfectly healthy) and NOT a week late.

    Seriously, just think -- for both of us, two months from now we should have forgotten that pregnancy blows except for our husbands telling us "you were shooting me death glares for the last year" and our own blogs!

  2. Lol our husbands.... So lucky looks cannot really kill! You are certainly one I think of when I complain, I hope you are safely early too. And when I'm crazy enough to want to ride the roller coaster again I will alternate between your blog and mine for true conviction. Xx

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