Jan 11, 2012

36 week check-up. WE HAVE A DATE!

Today we had our 36-week checkup. I went in there feeling pretty good about the last week.  I have learned to decipher the difference between Braxton Hicks and cramps from my uterus stretching.  I know that when he doesn’t move as much as the day before he’s probably ok, and just crammed in my belly.  Plus every time I worry I drink a cold glass of water, have snack, lie down on my left side and count kicks.  He’s in there moving around, sometimes I just have to be quiet and pay attention.  It was kind of nice to tell the nurse I had no issues or concerns since last week and that I think I am getting good at this pregnancy thing.  Then she took my blood pressure, then my weight, I squeezed my eyes shut tight and sent me to a room to wait for my doctor.  So far so good!

Last week I asked to set our date for February 2 since I liked the date 2-2-2012… Then I found out it was Ground Hog day and my brothers Mother-in-Law’s birthday. Call me selfish and silly, but I don’t want my son to have to share his birthday with anyone!  So when I asked the doctor if the date was set and she said yes I was a little upset.  I didn’t say anything though because I know I am being a little superficial; and who knows if he will decide to come out a day early anyway?  So it’s set, I am having my baby first thing in the morning on February 2, 2012!  WOW!  I am really almost there… scary…

I also found out that in addition to my doctor, there will be a second doctor assisting.  My sister said it’s because they both want to see how big he really is.  I think it may be because I have so many problems with my hip and pelvis.  My Husband says it’s because he is awesome.  I didn’t realize it was not normal protocol for there to be two doctors until after I left the appointment, so I am definitely asking why next time… Even though I am a little scared to find out, like something might be wrong with him…

My doctor also checked to see if I was dilated and in her words, “Your cervix is WAY up there, which is really good!” so I am no dilated at all!  Trust me I want him in there until the 2nd, even if he is giving my body hell… Then she gave me the Strep B test.  I wondered if she would since I am having a C-Section.  She told me she does it on everyone regardless of delivery. When I read about the test and how it is a swab of my vagina and rectum I was really worried about it being invasive and gross… well good news, it was not at all! Quick easy and painless, so don’t worry!

Then we listened to his heartbeat, 144 and then she measured my belly.  As usual she laughed and said, “He really is a big healthy boy!  You are measuring great!” I’m telling you all after all of the fuss over the size of this baby, he is going to come out at 7.5-8 pounds tops!  I am also SO INCREDIBLY SICK OF HEARING, “ Look at your big belly, you don’t look like you are going to make it until February.”  I just want to say, “If you don’t shut it neither will you!”

The last step of our appointment was to sign off on our date, promise not to sue for any routine problems and then book our next appointment.  I left the appointment feeling really good.  It is very comforting to know the date is finally set and my little/Big boy is not showing any signs that he is planning to come sooner.  Believe it or not, I am going to really try to enjoy and absorb every feeling and emotion of the final weeks of my pregnancy. I have spent the past 9 months hating it, and wishing it would hurry up.  Now that I see the end I want to dig in my heels.  I am officially more afraid of being a mother than being pregnant…

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  1. This is why I thought it would be great to have a baby on February 2nd...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imbolc It symbolizes Spring.

    Incidentally, the name Brigid comes from the Celtic noun: Brigh, meaning Power.

  2. Yeah for a date! In my experience, two doctors is standard for a c-section. I had two at my first one and there will be two this time around as well. I just assumed it was a liability thing but I'll be curious if there is a more medically necessary reason. Wishing you the best over the next few weeks!

  3. Thank you Mrs. Buxton! I really hope it's standard to have 2 doctors... But I will still ask next Monday when I go back to the doctor and let you know. I hope you are doing wel!
    All the very best to you too!

  4. My sister is 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days younger than me. Her birthday also happens to be 02/02. It's a great day to be born.