Dec 5, 2011

Third Trimester Mood Swings

My moods are swinging more than a child on a playground. In the same breath, in no particular order, I will cry, laugh hysterically and scream. The book, “What to Expect When You're Expecting," says women experience extreme mood swings in the third trimester, and our partners are going to have to have a little extra patience...

Ok, that's an understatement if there ever was one. I would like to rewrite the book to say, "In the Third Trimester you will experience extreme bouts of psychopathic behavior, it's best to seclude yourself from your husband, family and friends, when this behavior occurs. If possible fully sound proof and pad the walls in a small room in your home, as you will feel an over whelming need to scream and throw things. Also, it will be incredibly necessary to ask your partner to be hypnotized to forget all of your third trimester behavior. This will prevent you from future blackmail and grief. Don’t worry you will forget this ugly behavior as well thanks to pregnancy amnesia."

Let me just tell you, these mood swings are nothing like the first and second trimester "edginess.” Yesterday I screamed at my husband for God knows what. Seriously, when he asked me why I was yelling at him, I had no clue! I was forced into a cheeky sheepish smile, which led to “crazy lady” laughing, that ended in me sobbing for feeling so out of control. Luckily, my past 8 months have trained my husband to know how to react to all three behaviors... Just never in a 4, yes FOUR, minute period!

Holy Hay-Seuss! How much more can pregnancy throw at me in the next few weeks?? Ok, please Powers of Pregnancy take that as a rhetorical question.

I'm so mentally shot right now it's unreal. I don't know how to feel any more... Seriously, I cannot even seem to control the act of emotion. I want so bad to smile but then an F-bomb flys out of my mouth! I want to laugh but instead I cry.

Here is the craziest part... I really don't even care. Just like my husband has been run over by my pregnancy, so have I.  I just keep telling myself that I only have a few weeks left, so just try to relax and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy as much as possible. 

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  1. Thanks you so much for posting this blog!!! I thought I was going crazy! Reading this has made me smile and also made me realize that I am not the only one.

    I am fine one minute and then the next I am hysterically crying and my partner thinks I am crazy!!! I don't even care because I feel like he doesn't understand and will never understand. Thanks for letting me know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. thank you so much for this page of posts it has created a whole new outlook I am not the only one and my husband is suoer understanding thank each and everyone of you for posting GOD bless!!!!!

  3. Thank God I am not the only woman suffering from horribly severe mood swings. I feel like my partner thinks I'm nuts and I don't want him to be questioning himself of what the hell he got in to. I'm normally a very mellow person. I'm 31 weeks right now with my first baby and I feel insane, absolutely not even joking. It doesn't help that I feel like every time I turn around some outside force is working against me to make my life as stressful as possible. At least my son is healthy and I'm thankful for that. But these mood swings are a killer. No wonder no one wants to be around me right now, I'm like a raging lunatic. Good luck to all of you dealing with these same issues. I Know its hard, even for me, but I just try to tell myself that when you see your new baby these pregnancy issues will be over and it'll all be worth it. 9 WEEKS LEFT! ( if my boyfriend or family doesn't have me committed by then)

  4. I know a lot of ladies who go experience EXTREME mood swings like you mentioned but then I also know of some who have none!! Pregnancy can feel so different for different people!

  5. AnonymousJune 01, 2013

    Hey all. Advice urgently needed for an expectant dad. Pregnant girlfriend, coming into her 3rd tri, broke up with me. Said she felt emotionally detached. Though it was unwanted on my part I accepted it, believing it was just her hormones speaking. We agreed we would still spend time together, since I wholly wanted to be a part of the pregnancy. A week later, she just escalated; claiming she simply doesn't want to be around me, despite me having done nothing wrong. So I gave her space, but within 5 days, she just got worst again, saying she doesn't need me in her life. Obviously I found it unwarranted, since I had only messaged to wish her a happy day. That was 2 weeks ago. Now, finally getting into the 3rd tri, she doesn't return my calls, reply to my messages. Simply ignores me as if she doesn't care, which hurts, because I'm entirely missing out on the pregnancy. Apart from being very supportive and patient, it simply seems like she doesn't care, despite saying "nothing is wrong".
    Now, I'm lost, confused, and simply unable to process what's really going on, and likely fearful that after the birth, she will continue in this unneeded behaviour.

    Advice, encouragment anyone?

  6. AnonymousJuly 28, 2013

    I am going through this currently with my wife. I thought the first trimester was awful with mood swings. The second trimester flew by and was a total breeze! Then the monster that is the third trimester hit and wow... Just wow. I have never seen my wife like this and we've known each other our whole lives!
    I mean I can't do or say anything without her jumping down my throat or snapping at me?! I'm not a jerk either. I am just about as patient as one can be. I also do absolutely everything for her to make the pregnancy smoother for her. I haven't even missed one appointment-not even the glucose test?!
    The past three or four weeks have been absolutely unbearable. No matter how much patience a person has, we can only take so much. I would never dream of leaving my wife or our child... but I am in need of some serious help here. These are
    The last eight weeks we have until our baby is born. I know this stress and arguing is awful for her and our baby. Also going into labor we need to be a strong team, not both parties feeling alone. I'm lost without my wife... I just want my sweet wife back. The one I've loved my whole life... The one who got over these mood swings during our freshman year in high school.
    Also...why isn't THIS stuff in the "so you want to be parents" book?

    1. Wow. Mate. You sound just like my husband. He was wonderful, went to every appointment and caught every cup of water I threw at him. I do not know your wife so I cannot speak for her, but I know a big part of my problem was that I was terrified about becoming a mother, I was uncomfortable as hell, and not sleeping at all, then to add insult to injury, when my baby had taken up every inch of space in my body I could not eat much. I was a hot ass mess and from where I was sitting my husband was not, so I lashed out. You hurt the ones you love most. I know that is not an acceptable excuse for what is going on. I wish I could tell you how to fix this. I can tell you it gets better. I know 8 weeks seems like hell, but I will fly by. I would say a few nice date nights would be wonderful. Good luck. I promise when you see your baby all of this will be more than worth it. You wife is growing a human inside her body. That is scary and difficult...

  7. 24 week pregnant is my wife & snap out of the blue cos I did not agree with one thing not all the others I agreed with . Then get shut off

  8. Thank you for the reassurance... My poor hubby... He works his butt off and all I can do is act crazy! He was at first taking it well, but after the last 3 months, I believe he is about to break!! You see, in July my son from a previous marriage was in a very bad motorcycle accident, which resulted in his passing after 3 weeks in a coma, so on top of the pregnancy hormones, and mood swings, he has shouldered alot these last few months... Idk how I am going to make all this up to him!!!