Dec 23, 2011

Surviving the holidays while pregnant

I don’t know about you, but I have had to pull out all of my coping skills to survive the holidays with out needing a padded room and a box of tissues.  I am typically a “I can do it myself!”  kind of person.  So far this holiday season I have managed to accomplish maybe 30% of the things I have wanted to do, and 10% of what I normally do.  Ugh, talk about feeling sorry for myself! 

I think I am losing it sometimes and thanks to my crazy hormones I am irrational mess! In order to not beat myself up and drag everyone around me down, I have had to shut up, put up and realize my pregnant physical boundaries.

Here is a list of what I am telling myself and doing to survive the holidays with my friends, family and dignity in tact!

1.    This too Shall Pass-- This is not the only Holiday season of my life, so why am I acting like it is the end of the world that I cannot make it a perfect wonderland?  My friends and family and even co-workers know what I am capable of and are the first to remind me that I am pregnant and not to worry.   At least once a day over the last week I have had to remind myself that I will make it up to them and myself next year. In a few weeks the Holidays will be over and life will return to normal.

2.    Don’t Stress—I know this one is laughable.  I stress everyday, but I try to remind myself that I can only do so much. Freaking out about what I cannot fix or change hurts my baby more than anything else. His health is my number one concern. Finally at 8 ½ months I have come to realize it and do my best to stay calm. In fact I am certain that the days I stress out the most are the days he is less active… that makes me feel awful.

3.    Don’t scream, envision bodily harm! There used to be this show on TV called Ally McBeal where the main character would envision the crazy thoughts in her mind becoming reality.  Since that show first aired I have been living in what I call, “Ally McBeal world.”  I am always envisioning the crazy things in my head for my own sick pleasure.  Thanks to holiday shopping I have nearly lost my freaking mind!  Instead of screaming at the obnoxious people in front of me waiting to check out, I picture myself taking whatever they are holding out of their hands and either throwing it down to the back of the line or just knocking them over the head with it.  Then I picture them running after their stuff or staring at me in disbelief for hitting them and then do it again!  I may be sick in my head, but at least I’m not screaming out loud at them like I wish I could.

4.    Don’t feel sorry for yourself! —Again, laughable if you are me… I am such a selfish brat that I think I should be able to be some super woman.  I think I am somehow less of a person because I cannot do it all and grow a human at the same time.  I am such a fool that I try to do it all, then I find myself so incredibly tired and achy… EPIC FAIL! I guess I have had to learn the hard way so many times over the last 8 ½ months that I am finally at the point where I realize this is not about me, this is about my son and providing a safe, healthy body to grow in.

5.    Try to enjoy the simple things- In my opinion the Holidays should be about faith, family and friends.  Somewhere along the way it seems like Santa, the pretty lights and presents took over the Holiday Season. I want to make sure my son looks forward to the holidays for all the right reasons, not just for presents. I am taking this time to reflect on what is really important to me about the Holidays so I can share those values with my son.  I have realized how my husband and I choose to celebrate the Holidays is up to us.  No one is watching once our front door closes, it’s our Christmas and how we choose to celebrate is our choice for our family.  I really want it to be simple and sweet, a joy for us all not a huge ball of stress over presents.

I hope you have the most wonderful blessed holiday imaginable.  This time next year we will be sharing the holidays with the most wonderful blessed gift imaginable…  

All the very best to you and yours! XX

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