Dec 21, 2011

Preparing for delivery

Today I learned that preparing for delivery is so much more than getting diapers, a crib and packing the hospital bag (yes, epiphany at 33 weeks!). I looked at my “preparing for baby check list” for the first time in, well a long time, and realized I needed to get the baby’s health insurance straightened out, pre-register at the hospital, get a list of numbers together for my husband, find a pediatrician, and then of course prepare the hospital bag-for both my husband and myself! Hello Panic!

Here is how all of that went and what you can learn from my usual mistakes and procrastination!

  1. Newborn Health Care- As of now I just have an individual plan with my company and my husband has his own. This is because it is $400 a month for me to get my husband on my group family plan… I think that is a ridiculous amount of money! It costs $4,800 a year just to insure my family and that has nothing to do with deductibles. It’s crap like this when we look at each other and try to figure out why we are having our baby in the US and not OZ? Anyway, today I called the insurance to find out about adding the baby and found out two important things.

    1. With Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, I have 90 days to add the newborn for them to retro pay the baby specific bills after delivery.
    2. After shopping around I also found out that my $400 a month is not that bad! I went ahead and started the process of getting my husband and myself in a family group plan. Since my deductible resets in January 2012 it makes the most sense to get him on my plan and then add the baby when he is born, the $400 is a flat rate to add both. I also had the “Newborn Enrollment Form” emailed to me so I could fill it out after delivery to get the baby covered ASAP.

  1. Pre register at the hospital for delivery- We all know how awesome my husband and I are, so it should come as no big shocker that we have not toured our hospital yet. So ummm yeah, we know NOTHING about it or what to do. Ignorance is bliss… According to my book, pre-registering will allow us to show up for delivery and not have to worry about any paperwork. I really thought my doctor would have all of my stuff sent over… again, my husband and I are trying out for the, Awesome Assholes of the Year awards! Since we want to win, learn from us, go and pre-register at your hospital for delivery so all you have to do is check-in and pop out the bub. We are touring Jan 5th… better late than never right?

  1. Get a list of important numbers together for husband- Sit down with your partner and create a list of people who should be notified once the baby arrives along with their contact information--Employer, family, friends, pediatrician, anyone else important…

  1. Find a Pediatrician- So my best advice on this one is to ask your friends and family first of course. Then check who is close to your area, the last thing you want to do is drive for an hour to get to your pediatrician. Once you have found the one you like make sure your insurance will cover the doctor. If so, go meet her/him and the practice. Also, when I was full on freaking out about this, I was given the great advice of, “You don’t have to stay with the pediatrician if you don’t like them. There is no law that binds you from birth so don't stress out about it.” That took so much pressure off. In fact, I just set a goal of having the pediatrician picked out by January 11th and to make it a real priority. If baby comes before then, I am going to call my sister’s (she is about 20-30 minutes away so not on my short list).

  1. Pack the hospital bag- This one is a blog in itself I will post tomorrow- But just in case you are reading this the night before you go into delivery- Pack a change of clothes for your husband. You really never know what to expect or what’s going to happen, so pack some things for him too. In the words of my husband, “yeah, I guess I might need a change of under pantaloons in case I shit myself. “ It’s comforting to see the same fear in his eyes that I see in mine when we talk about delivery.

Ladies, we are almost there!! I guess I always knew that this strange and amazing pregnancy too shall pass, I just didn’t realize how fast it would pass. I’m sure I will never be ready and next week will post another one of these blogs to prove it. Luckily, every Been-There-Done-That mom has warned that I will never be ready, so just try to take it one day at a time and not to worry becuase everything will fall into place…. Dear God, please let them be right!

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