Dec 30, 2011

Pregnancy Hearing

I have decided that I need to coin a new phrase for the symptom we all have, cannot explain and yet suffer greatly from it. It is called "Pregnancy Hearing," and occurs when people are talking right to your face, you can even hear an audible sound, but for some reason no words are processed or sometimes words are processed and answers are given, but no part of the conversation is retained in your brain.  By no means is this a new phenomenon or symptom. I just think that it has been lost somewhere between “Pregnancy Brain” and “Pregnancy Amnesia” and it's high time it was recognized.

Case and point:  I was explaining my idea of coining the phrase to my best friend, who is 33 weeks pregnant, and after telling her all about it, she looked over at me and said, “huh?”  I am really being serious here, I think it is a real symptom of pregnancy.  I also think it gets worse the further along you get because you start to have so much more on your mind.  I am a stress ball, dipped in a fat coating of anxiety and my ears are clogged with fear.  It’s a wonder I can hear anything when I am constantly zoning out of reality to live in my world of worry.

I'm terrible, people talk right to me and I seem to hear the words, and in some cases even respond with what must be an acceptable response, but two minutes later cannot remember a damn word that was said.  See what I mean by “pregnancy hearing” is really the love child of “pregnancy amnesia” and “pregnancy brain.” 

I have been suffering from this symptom since the beginning of my pregnancy, my ears are just not listening like they used to!  Well, I suppose that’s not the whole truth, of course my ears still work fine, I have just managed to brilliantly turn off people, you know like my husband, boss, mother, clients, television… It’s really bad, my husband can be talking right to me and I don’t even hear a word! Needless to say, I coined this term for his benefit… I seem to suffer from “Pregnancy Hearing” the very most with him. ; ) 

So you see... you are not crazy or going deaf, you are just pregnant. Feel free to let your significant other, and anyone else you have been ignoring, that you are suffering from a very real symptom of pregnancy and cannot help it. Trust me when I told my husband it was a real symptom and not my fault I could tell he felt a little bit better.  LOL!  So have at it, take my "Pregnancy Hearing" term and run with it!  

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