Dec 19, 2011

The Nursery...

YES! We finally have a room that closely resembles a real nursery! Holy crap, I thought I would never see it. I really had resigned myself to a pack and play next to my bed. Being in a rental property I fondly refer to as "temporary housing," our options are limited. Well... Thanks in part to my crazy hormones and my new found mother lioness roar, I decided screw it we are going to make a full-blown nursery.

We… my husband… spent the weekend clearing out the existing furniture, painting and organizing our nursery. Don’t get me wrong, I worked very hard too… not screaming, not crying, not ordering him around, and most of all not insulting him. We are a great team when I behave myself, and to prove it we now have a little nursery of our own.

I also feel great about the fact that we donated the existing furniture to a neighbor who recently lost his furniture when he fell on hard times. The poor guy had to quit working to care for his mother who has Alzheimer’s. He didn’t want her to go into State run care so he has given up everything to keep her home and care for her. I pray my son is as wonderful and caring as he is. Tis the season for giving!

I digress…

So, furniture cleared out, room cleaned up, my husband went the the local hardware store for a beautiful blue (VOC-FREE) paint and painting supplies, all costing about $40. I read that VOC-Free paint, or Volatile Organic Compound free, is best for not only the environment, but of course for baby too (see below for link to article on VOC-Free Paint). We could have spent the extra money to also get the allergy free paint but I didn’t read enough to justify the extra cost in my "temporary housing," I will however spring for it when we move into our new home this spring. (Not that we have said home picked out, or the full down payment for this dream dwelling, but dammit, I am going find it and buy it!—I LOVE my new Lioness Roar—

Goodness it’s I digress day! …

Where was I… K, we/he got the nursery painted and then started filling the room with all of our baby stuff. I’m telling you all of this because I know there are quite a few readers out there who have not started on the daunting task of getting their nursery going. Trust me, I know it seems like a huge investment of money and time, but when you buy the paint and supplies and slap it on the wall, it all just seems to come together, and for under $50!

I really do feel very blessed that I have the second room in my home to make this great nursery. I was resigned to the pack and play next to the bed and know that would have been just fine too. Babies really only need love, food, a bath and a place to sleep, the rest is luxury. But, since I have the luxury of the extra room I am stoked that I made the decision to just go for it and paint the room and make it a nursery of my own. I am going to repaint the room before we leave so my landlord won’t be mad, and maybe never even know.

If you can, go out and get the paint, you will be so glad you did. The room came together in 2 days time and was easy enough. I don’t know why, but I though it was going to be a mission and a half to create the nursery. Granted, I did just sit by and watch my husband do all the work. But, WHAT-FREAKING-EVER, he has watched me do all of the hard work of growing our big ass baby over the last 8 months!

Now, we all know how my husband threatened to make a Star Wars theme Nursery… He is a man of his word… The following pictures were taken when I woke up this morning… the only thing on the walls when I went to bed where the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets at the top. I should have known….

All of the light Sabers glow. He was so proud.
Yes, that is E.T. looking for a high five

This thing is a life size sticker!
Even the Diaper Champ got Tagged.

It's now the Jedi Swing Station...

Article on VOC--

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  1. I've seen garbage bins that look like R2-D2. Nice job on the nursery.