Dec 12, 2011

Nearly 32 weeks and I can see him moving around now!

I am so excited to announce that I can finally see my big boy kicking and moving around in my belly! I saw him for the first time last Friday, exactly 7 months 3 weeks and one day pregnant. I was starving in a meeting and he kicked me so hard I nearly fell out of my chair! Then he did it again 2 more times, by the third kick I had the whole room staring at my belly. It’s milestones like this that remind me how amazing it is to be growing a human, and that maybe being pregnant doesn't totally suck. ; )

Since the kicks I have also started to fully feel and see him rolling around too. What is even more fantastic, is that my husband no longer has trouble feeling him kick and move! No big fat hand or foot sticking through yet. When the time comes, I am seriously going to sit around my house with my shirt pulled up over my belly until my husband gets a picture of his little appendage! And when he gets it, I will post it.

This has also brought a whole new level of bonding for us. When my husband and I were able to share that first magical moment, when we could both see and feel him move, tears came to our eyes. In some strange way it really solidified our family, the three of us were sharing a moment together.

Holy crap you all... I got a big baby boy in my belly! I don’t know what is wrong with me that I still seem to have this revelation every few weeks, but I do. I sometimes catch myself in the mirror or my reflection in the window, and think holy shit there is a baby in there! I wonder how long it takes to get used to being a mother? I have no doubt I will still have this amazed reaction even after he is here.

We all know I am scared out of my mind, and pray everyday that my silly husband and I will be good competent parents, but now that I get to see him move and kick from the outside, I just want him here to hold and kiss. He is MY baby from MY belly and I am so blessed to have him! Now…. If only I could name him….

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  1. I don't think the amazement ever goes away! It's been 10 weeks since Amelia was born and I still have that reaction every day. :-) Seeing a part of yourself growing, learning new things, and becoming a beautiful person inside and out... it is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to meet your little man.