Dec 28, 2011

I cannot wait until I can...

1.     Sleep. On my tummy. For more than two hours at a time.

2.     Put on MY leggings, socks and shoes by myself.

3.     Stop feeling sorry for myself.

4.     Wear non-maternity pants.

5.     Pee like the girl in the stall next to me... It's like she is having the pee of her life!

6.     Stop cycling through my crazy hormonal multiple (pregnancy) presonalities all day long.

7.     Not want to scream at my husbands face for anything and everything.

8.     Walk around without a ten-pound bowling ball sitting on my pelvis.

9.     Eat what ever I want!  Ironic... I hear all the time about "how lucky I am to get to eat what ever I want."  WRONG!  My baby decides when I eat, what I eat, and how much. 

10.  Exercise off this extra weight!

11.  Drink a tall stout beer... or two!

12.  Get up and down without grunting like a tennis player going for the grand slam title.

13.  Cripes!  Just get around without so much friggin pain and effort!

14.  Ooooh!  Wear sexy heels with a sexy pair of jeans... OMG please let that happen again in my lifetime...

15.  Not get heartburn when I look at a slice of pizza... 

16.  Go to the bathroom without the fear of a bunch of grapes springing from my bunghole.

17.  Clean my house properly... my husband tries... and... well... fails. 

18.  Watch TV without crying at car insurance commercials.

19.  STOP TAKING MY PRENANTALS!!  You would think by 8 months I would be fine with them... NOPE!  I still have to take the chewy ones because the hard swallow ones hurt my belly, but the chewy ones give me heartburn... I know go figure!

20.  Hold my beautiful baby boy in my arms and know without a doubt all of the issues of pregnancy were totally worth it...

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  1. I Freaking agree... I am 40 weeks and 5 days... And I am just absolutely tired. My doc wants me to wait until I go into labor. I don't feel a lot of contractions. In the beginning I was fearful of the pain I'd feel but at this point I am just so tired I don't give a crap how much pain ill feel. Best wishes to u and hope u r already enjoying your little boy.

  2. Yikes!! I'm only 34 weeks and over it... I cannot imagine what near 41 is like! The things we do for the great love of our life. All the very best to you...

  3. I am currently 33 weeks prego with twins (first pregnancy) & started coping by googling "pregnancy sucks" while I was in my first trimester! At this point I am SO over it & while I want them to cook for as long as possible...pregnancy SUUUUUCKS! It has kinda taken me by surprise just how hard it is & it is so nice to read posts that could've been written by me, so thanks for that. :)