Dec 4, 2011

Baby Hiccups!

Yesterday I was woken up from a nap by a bunch of kicks, rolls and strange movements. The movements were consecutive and lasted for much longer than his usual gym workout. I'm talking constantly doing flips with what felt like little one two punches in between, and all of this went on for about 3-4 minutes, maybe longer.  I was seriously worried that something was wrong with him, like he was having some strange fetal seizure... not that they exist for real, but thanks to my over active mommy paranoia, I was sure that my baby might be having one anyway... Well, come to find out he wasn't spazzing out, he was hiccuping!

Seriously, if you have not felt hiccups yet, it is crazy!  I have a generally active boy... but this was way over active even for him.  After about 3 minutes I thought I'd better yell for my husband, because at 30 weeks he has still yet to feel more than two kicks. The problem is that, I knew if I yelled for him baby would surely stop kicking, and I was kind of enjoying it... selfish I know... but whatever!

I can remember back to week 14 when I was so miserable and needed more than sickness and a bad attitude, that I had to constantly cry about, and the "been-there-done-that" mothers said wait til you feel the baby move... I just couldn't fathom it, not with the hell the first trimester was giving me. Then I felt that first kick around week 20 and was SO SO SO excited.  Then the "been-there-done-that" mothers said, "just wait, he will move all of the time and you will grow tired of it too."  All I could think was Bull Crap!

Well, at 30 weeks I still love it!  He moves an awful lot, especially at night when I'm going to sleep and in the morning when I wake up.  I still get startled by the hard random kicks throughout the day.  Those are almost like a shock to the system, but still my little man saying, "Hi mommy!"  I'm still not one of those women who, "LOVES being pregnant" and "would be pregnant all the time if I could." But, I have no doubt the little kicks and hiccups will go in the memory book as one of my very favorite things about pregnancy. In fact, I can hardly wait for him to have the hiccups again!

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  1. I giggle whenever I feel kicks and see my belly move at the same time. I actually kind of dread baby hiccups, because I've read they are uncomfortable, but your post is making me look forward to them.

  2. For me, Amelia's hiccups were one of the things that I loved the most. She got them almost on a daily basis and they would always make me giggle. :-) I never got tired of them!
    I did, however, get tired of her kicks when they were directed at my cervix. Or my ribs. And when she'd try to make more room between my pelvis... ouch! You will find yourself poking back, trying to get the baby to move away from the painful areas. I found myself jumping up and down and jiggling my belly so much, I checked with my doctor to make sure there wasn't such a thing as shaken baby syndrome in utero! There isn't so, when the time comes, do what you need to in order to get some peace!
    And enjoy those hiccups... you'll miss them!

  3. Lol... Thanks moonshine and congrats on delivering a beautiful angle! Foodpixie just wait, it is awesome and like moonshine said there are plenty of other uncomfortable things, only hiccups are uncomfortably funny!

  4. Well, if you like hiccups, you SHOULD have plenty of fun coming to you -- my son had them about twice a day for the last few weeks. Sometimes, he had them three times a day. I honestly didn't mind them even though I got damned well tired of the karate kicks -- so much so that I wasn't even excited this time around for the kicking. I'm looking forward, a tiny bit, to hiccups, I'll admit.