Nov 8, 2011

We finally created our Baby Registry!

Yes, WE, Mr. Piss Legs came along, and that is a picture of his handy work. I know, you may never look at a monkey the same...

Ok, Baby Registry... Holy Crap! By the time we were finished registering at Babies "R" Us, I was freaking out and needed a nap. I cannot believe how much stuff a tiny person needs. What happened to the days of cloth, dresser drawers and breast feeding?

Lucky for us my sister, mother of two boys, went with us to register. She knew we would be clueless as to what we really needed. My friends, "Clueless" is the understatement of the century. Without her we would have registered for diapers/nappies and night-night clothes. 83 items and 2 hours later my mind was blown!

Ladies, fellow first timers, it is insane how much stuff you could buy if you had unlimited funds. I kept looking at my sister and saying, "Really, we need that!" or just plain, "What the hell is that, and I need it why?!" I think part of my issue is that I don't have the "disposable income" necessary for all of this stuff, and I know my friends and family do not either. Bottom Line, if all of this stuff was completely necessary I would be screwed, or rather my baby would be.

While an all expense paid trip to Babies "R" Us would be magnificent, it is not necessary for a baby's survival. Having a baby in a dresser drawer in between breast feeding is still doable, even if there are 300 different types of cribs and bottles on the market. It all comes down to preferences and how much you have to spend. Screw the "Joneses," our babies are better than theirs anyways!

All that being said, I went ahead and registered at Babies "R" Us, Target & Amazon is great for my out-of-town family and finding bargains. Here is a link to that registry if you need ideas of what to register for online. Plus, setting up a registry at Amazon is really easy. You can copy other registries, add "Top Sellers" and add a very eclectic mix of items easily. You are not really stuck in a baby superstore with only those items to choose from.

Some of the items I registered for I will not need until baby is 6 months to a year. I would much rather have the stuff I need now, well NOW. But, I listened to my big sister and registered for all 83 items I could not live without during the first year. I was also told not to register for too many clothes and toys because I will get plenty at my shower regardless.

It's times like these I have to remind myself that my husband and I will be great parents, and it does not take great wealth to accomplish that. Just because we cannot give our baby the world, it does not mean that we suck!

My current financial situation, weighed against what I ultimately need, means every dollar must be spent on the best possible necessary items. So, as much as I trust my sister knows best products and practices, I need to know for myself. I am going to start really researching all of the true "necessary" items (cribs, bassinets, bottles, car seats, strollers...) until I find the best product for the money. I know I probably should have started this earlier, but better late than never! I plan to use every resource available and report as unbiasedly as possible. I am going to start with car seats and then work my way through cribs, strollers, bottles and organic products. I'm sure a lot of it comes down to preferences, but I'll still let you know what I find.

How is it already hard making mommy decisions when the baby is still in my belly?!

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