Nov 3, 2011

Stomach Flu at 26 weeks. Welcome to Hell!

Oh my sick belly! I have been to hell, and I pray I never go back. I think it is ironic that my last two posts have been about getting sleep and preventing the flu, and now I have the flu and cannot get to sleep! The only saving grace I have had is the predictability of the 24-hour stomach flu, within 24 hours it is gone, where as the regular flu can last for days.

It all started with a major rush of fatigue and then “morning sickness” like nausea. I came home from work around 3pm and went to sleep. Around 5pm I was woken up out of my sleep to begin my trip to hell. I threw up for 6 hours straight! VERY scary, I was throwing up so violently my husband was begging me to go to the hospital. I called my doctor to find out what we should do. She told me if I get dehydrated, have bad diarrhea or start having contractions go straight to the Emergency Room, otherwise try to keep down water, ride it out and call her in the morning.

I rode it out, even though it was the bumpiest sick ride of my life. I was so worried about my lil’ boy, but he would give me a kick every once in a while to let me know he was ok. My doctor also promised he was more than ok, and that I would starve to death before he did. It was the dehydration that I needed to be mindful of. By around 1 or 2 am I was finished with the vomiting but my stomach hurt so bad I could not get to sleep. I tried every pillow fort combination, my husband gave me a back and leg massage, nothing worked. I was up every hour to pee, but I was also drinking as much water and mineral water possible to stay hydrated. For all of the “morning sickness” I had the first 4 months, last night was like all four months of discomfort smashed together in one big Shit Sandwich! Thanks God it is finally over…

Ladies, it is flu the season in the northern hemisphere. Please heed my warning and stay home locked up in your cozy cave, and make your family disinfect before coming inside your homely sanctuary. Ok, so if that is not possible… Take all of the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your baby. I have decided, if at all possible, to avoid touching doorknobs, shaking strangers hands, and eating off silverware at restaurants unless I have wiped each piece off thoroughly. I know I may sound crazy, but the flu is crazy! I wish all of you the healthiest flu season and pregnancy. Take it from me, anything less sucks!

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