Nov 28, 2011

I’m having a C-Section

**Since I am coming to the end of my pregnancy, I am making this controversy week. I have been holding back a few posts b/c I know they catch the forums on fire, and I thought it best to either wait or never post. Well I have decided the wait is over... each day this week I am going to be posting articles on controversial topics... I sincerely hope you do not hate me by Friday.**

For my daily readers you already know my baby is “coming out of the sunroof,” but for those of you just joining us, I am having a “scheduled C-section,” meaning I will schedule the day my baby will be coming into this world, somewhere around week 38-39, due to my sacrum being cracked in two places and hairline fractures in my left hip sustained in a gnarly car accident in 2007. I am not happy that I have to have the procedure, but I want my baby delivered to this world the absolute safest way possible, for both of us.

Oddly enough what has become the most upsetting issue related to my C-section is the looks and comments from the “know-it-alls,” when I tell them I am having the procedure. What pisses me off even more is when I explain why, they still try to make me think I am making the wrong decision. We all know I am not really one to care what someone thinks, but what we also know is am one to tell you what I think! So hold on, it’s time for one of my crazy hormone induced rants…

It is mind blowing that the “know-it-alls” of the world think they are the supreme all knowing… well wrong, they are the supreme all fuckwits! I am having C-section because I have to, not because I choose that as my preferred way of delivery. Even if I did choose that as my preferred way, that’s my choice! If it was such a bad thing and so dangerous, then why are doctors doing it? Seriously, the way the Know-it-alls talk about a C-Section, you would think I was going into a back ally to pay a medicine man in monkey bones to get my baby out.

Here is a brief history of the origin of the “Cesarean section” according to the U.S National Library of Medicine,

Numerous references to cesarean section appear in ancient Hindu, Egyptian, Grecian, Roman, and other European folklore. Ancient Chinese etchings depict the procedure on apparently living women.”

“Yet, the early history of cesarean section remains shrouded in myth and is of dubious accuracy. Even the origin of "cesarean" has apparently been distorted over time. It is commonly believed to be derived from the surgical birth of Julius Caesar, however this seems unlikely since his mother Aurelia is reputed to have lived to hear of her son's invasion of Britain. At that time the procedure was performed only when the mother was dead or dying, as an attempt to save the child for a state wishing to increase its population. Roman law under Caesar decreed that all women who were so fated by childbirth must be cut open; hence, cesarean. Other possible Latin origins include the verb "caedare," meaning to cut, and the term "caesones" that was applied to infants born by postmortem operations. Ultimately, though, we cannot be sure of where or when the term cesarean was derived. Until the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the procedure was known as cesarean operation. This began to change following the publication in 1598 of Jacques Guillimeau's book on midwifery in which he introduced the term "section." Increasingly thereafter "section" replaced "operation."

CLEARLY! A Cesarean Section is not new news, so why am I being looked at like I am trying some experimental procedure to get my baby out? I had a woman ask me if I was, “Aware that a C-section was a major abdomen surgery that has the potential for serious issues?” As far as I know, both methods of childbirth have the potential to be life threatening. I’m just thankful I am delivering in the medical brilliance of the twenty first century and not the first century. All I care about is what is best for me and my baby, and in my case it is a C-Section. I cannot believe I am even finding myself in a position where I feel the need to defend my self!

I am not really happy about not being able to experience “natural childbirth.” I hate having choices made for me, especially in this instance where I am going to miss out on one of lives natural miracles. However, the real miracle is the baby growing in my belly! When my baby is handed to my husband and I, the delivery will be the last thing that will matter. Sure, I wish I could have the options, but honestly I am not too terribly upset over it. I think both options are scary as hell! In my opinion, squeezing a bowling ball out of a tiny hole is just as scary as having my belly cut open. Both options are invasive, have plenty of possibilities for issues, and will hurt one way or another.

I have two beautiful nephews delivered by a scheduled C-section, both are healthy, strong and brilliant! My best friend has an absolutely gorgeous son, I mean the most photogenic child I have ever seen, who after hours of labor was delivered via cesarean because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. A C-Section was his ONLY chance at life. So, a point to all of you Know-it-alls out there, you have absolutely no way of knowing 100% that you will not have to have a C-section yourself!

And, finally to those of you out there who are choosing to have a C-section simply because you want to… GO FOR IT! WHO FREAKING CARES WHAT ANYONE ELSE WILL THINK! If it was only supposed to be absolute last resort option, then doctors would not give it as an either or option to childbirth. My only hope is that each one of us delivers healthy babies into this world, whatever way that may be.

The constant advice I hear from been-there-done-that mothers is to, “always do what is best for you and your baby, and never care what anyone else thinks about it.”

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  1. Woohoo!!!!! standing ovation. as you know i too am having a c-section as after my son flying out in one contraction i had to be rushed into theater to get to get sorted. After investigation the consultant says a c-section would be better as if i try a natural delivery i could do more damage and be incotinant at the age of 33. Which do you think the know it all would choose?

  2. Exactly what I've been thinking!!! Our first son was delivered via emergency c-section due to a placental abruption. Afterward, people would say stupid things like "sorry you had to have a c-section" or worse! Seriously?!? Isn't the ultimate goal to have a happy healthy baby! I discussed with my doctor and she feels a repeat c-section is the best option for me and baby boy #2. Since she is the medically trained professional I'll be taking her advice and everyone else can kiss it!

  3. Damn Straight! To both Claire and The Buxton's... The three of us get to go into delivery with confidence in our doctors and ourselves that together we have made the very best decision for our families. Anyone who disagrees can definitely Kiss it!

  4. Wow this one hit home for me! I had an emergency csection with my daughter after 28 hours of labor.. I am now due Feb 7 with my 2nd daughter and I have been given the option to try again to Vaginally deliver.. Honestly my first thought and choice was to just schedule a csection.. My first one was pretty traumatic, I wasn't able to hold my daughter until nearly 4 hours after delivery, I hated it. With a scheduled Ive heard things go much smoother, your baby gets to stay in the room the entire time, you get to nurse right away etc etc. but now I have all of these people making me second guess.. Saying things like oh your just missing out on the most wonderful thing and you owe to your baby to just try blah blah.. I'm sorry I one am scared to death of my uterus rupturing and two if I labored 28 hours the first time and she didn't come out why would it be different this time!?! I would much rather have it be planned then have it be crazy like last time.. Thank you for posting sometimes I forget that these are my choices and I and I know what's best for myself and my baby!!

  5. You are so welcome Shelby, and I thank you for making my ranting seem worth more than just me ranting! I certainly know what it is like to have the talking heads bobbing up and down with constant "advice" I have spent the last seven months realizing who is really giving sound advice and who is living their ideas through me. My voice, my husband's and my doctor's are always the loudest and most important...

    All the very best to you! xx