Nov 7, 2011

I love being pregnant .com!! Sorry I have to laugh about it after all the bitching I have done. I spent the first 4 months hating my pregnancy symptoms, and now the last two months falling in love with being pregnant. Before I begin the third trimester, Thursday, I thought I had better put together one of my top 20 list. You know… just in case the third trimester is as treacherous as I have heard...

Top 20 reasons why I LOVE being Pregnant!

  1. I get away with being a complete moron. “Oops I completely forgot!” …About that insanely boring event I never planned to go to in the first place… Thanks, “Baby Brain.”
  2. I’m ornery as hell! If I don’t like it, want it or feel like it, you are the first to know! I was like that before pregnancy, but now I don’t apologize once I realize I’m being a biotch!
  3. I can eat my favorite cupcakes, whenever I want… guilt free!
  4. I have massive boobies!
  5. My hair is so thick, it’s amazing!
  6. Strangers are nice to me, or they at least smile at me, some even want to play an impromptu game of 20 questions.
  7. Strangers touch my belly… oh wait no, I hate that. What is that?
  8. I can stay in bed all weekend and not feel like a loser… I’m growing a baby and need my rest!
  9. I can justify any food purchase!
  10. I can buy baby clothes and shoes, FOR MY OWN BABY!!!
  11. I can cut to the front of the bathroom line if I bust out my belly and do a little pee dance.
  12. I can take naps in the middle of the day like it’s my job!
  13. I can get my husband to give me a foot or full body massage anytime I want. I’m so lucky.
  14. I won’t need a coat this winter because I have on an internal one.
  15. I can do whatever I want and get away with it. “The baby made me do it.”
  16. I have a built in folding table when I do laundry, shirts just lay across my belly for perfect folds!
  17. I feel so blessed and so special!
  18. I’m growing up… finally… at 33… and it’s a really good thing!
  19. I LOVE feeling my baby kick the crap out of me, it’s so cool!
  20. I get to have a baby boy when it’s over!

WOW! What a roller coaster ride pregnancy is! I am entering the third and final loop, and I can’t wait to see how smooth and/or bumpy it is going to be…

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  1. You need a "like" button on here :) Great list and congrats on reaching the 3rd trimester!

  2. One of my favorite things is declaring "I need to sit down" and 3 people get up to offer you their chair.