Nov 25, 2011

Being Pregnant over the Holidays...

I love the Holidays! I get to spend a day with my family eating, drinking and relaxing, no work or obligations. However, today I realized that I love the Holidays much more with booze. I have never been one to lie or hold back from you so here is a little warning to those "know-it-alls," Stop Reading, because I’m going to say some shit!

I needed a drink within 20 minutes of arriving at my sister’s house, where we have Thanksgiving dinner. Picture it, a house packed full of my family and in-laws, in town from Australia, all drinking, laughing, talking and being merry. Oh my Goodness they were annoying! I tried to join the conversations but within the hour I was tired of standing and watching them drink fabulous wine, and then all I heard was Blah, Blah, Blah….

I know I said I was going to spend the day being thankful, and dammit I tried! It really only went south when I saw the wine and wanted it! I know it would have been fine for me to have a little bit at 29 WEEKS, but I just cannot do it. Honestly, part of me is afraid I won’t stop, one sip will lead to two… and then I hate myself. I’d say I need help, but I’m not drinking, so my only real “drinking problem” is that I can’t drink! ; )

Anyways.. After dinner while I was sitting with my swollen feet up in the reclining chair feeling sorry for my soberness, I came up with this list…. Which I am thankful for! ; ) Today really was a good day. There are some great pros to being pregnant over the holidays, but of course there are some cons too…

Tips: This is a short list so far but a few things I learned...

1. Bring a snack in your handbag, just in case you get hungry and the food is taking way to long... or worse you cannot stomach any of the choices.
2. See if you can bring a dish, so you will know for sure you have something to eat.
3. DO NOT WEAR LOTS OF LAYERS! Remember you will need to pee an obnoxious amount of times, and if you have to take of too many layers to get the job done you will be annoyed by pee number 3. GO with simple easy to remove clothing, tights and maternity skirts can be difficult.
4. Bring a project or something to do. If I had my knitting I would have been much better contained.
5. Breathe, and know that eventually it will end. If you flip your shit you will be sorry... trust me! ; )

The Good

  1. Being in the Second Trimester- Ah, I can only imagine how nice it is to be full of energy, able to eat what ever you want and feeling good the whole time.
  2. You can eat as much as you want- You could seriously eat as many plates of food as you want and complain the Whole time about how hungry you are and how crazy it is that you cannot stop eating… You could totally make people feel sorry for you for over eating. Amazing!
  3. Having an excuse to avoid holiday parties that suck due to your “pregnancy issues.”
  4. Easily able to get out of any crappy conversation….”OH my! Excuse me I have to go to the bathroom!” It worked for me twice—the first time was real. The second was because i was bored. Amazing how easy it was to get away from the endless conversation!
  5. Knowing the next holiday season you will have a little baby to share it with! This is for the first timers of course. For those of you on your last pregnancy, then it’s knowing you will never have to pass on the wine again!

The Bad

  1. Being in the Third Trimester- nothing sucks more than piling high a plate full of food, only to be able to eat two bites of each thing even though all you have had to eat all day is a yogurt and 2 donuts. WTF! I’m still in denial… and hungry but not interested in putting another bite in my mouth.
  2. Not being able to drink yourself out of recognizing the mounting family dysfunction.
  3. Having to ask what ingredients are in everything that looks questionable
  4. Not being able to eat the warm brie and goat cheese appetizer
  5. Having a hard time getting around, up and down, and to and fro… For any trimester there are enough pregnancy woes to make getting out for an entire day a chore.

The Ugly

  1. Being in the first trimester-I think that trimester would suck the most of all three. Especially if you were suffering from morning sickness, in addition to the fatigue, constant feeling of pressure, the stretching and pulling and the uncontrollable crying. Yep, the first trimester sucks regardless of the time of year! .
  2. Rolling out of your chair after dinner because you were wrong about that last bite not hurting you.
  3. Family photos with moon pie face! I know it is pregnancy induced moon pie face, but it’s still not the most flattering of photos. I insisted that all other photos be taken in such a way that I could stick my belly out front and center so there would be no question about my current state.
  4. Being stuck with the food selection presented to you. I have yet to have a meal during my pregnancy that I was not all about eating. My husband tried so hard the first trimester to please me, but if the mood passed so did the plate. Today, dishes I normally love just looked or smelled wrong and that was end of it.
  5. Having to face your family dysfunction head on, fully charged with uncontrollable pregnancy hormones. As we all know I am no martyr… but thankfully I am learning a whole new set of coping and patience skills.

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