Nov 16, 2011

28 Weeks, haven’t even started the nursery.

I am having the worst time working on our nursery. First of all, I am not at all blessed with any interior decoration skills, AT ALL. Second, we are currently renting, and I have no desire to paint and create this wonderful nursery. My husband and I are having a terrible time finding a house we like, and can afford. I am starting to accept the fact that we will be stuck in our condo until after baby is born. I realize not doing any kind of nursery on our second bedroom would be selfish and silly. Last night I threw up my hands and told my husband to just do something and make sure all of the baby’s stuff will fit.

Ladies…. Mr Piss Legs Email…..

So...after much consideration I'm going for a HI-gloss white paint with HI-gloss black trim.

Crib, change table and shelving also painted with above for same effect.

Look what I found...

  1. STAR WARS TIE FIGHTER WALL Vinyl Decal Sticker A095

  1. STAR WARS TROOPER Wall Decor Vinyl Decal Sticker

3.Star Wars Death Star Wall Graphic

I'll be completing the illusion with some tasteful vader-esque alarm clocks and other sundry items...

And he can wear this...

Whatcha think! Awesomeness huh????

I can always fall back on the original idea...Clockwork Orange!!!


I am speechless... I know better than to walk away and leave him to his own devices. In fact, I was just informed by my Aunt that we have Stove Top Stuffing, a boys' bike, the complete Lego Star Wars set, Pepsi, and Men's under ware on our Target Baby Registry. When confronted he said that when I went off to do some shopping, so did he. All of the things he insists, "the baby will enjoy at some point in his life..." The under ware scare me the most. I told him, "We don't even eat Stuffing!" He said, "it was full of good stuff to make good "Booby Milk." Yes, I am soon going to be the proud mother of not one, but two boys.

I digress... Oh, the nursery. Why does it taunt me so? I wonder if I was into interior design, would I enjoy creating it? I am inclined to say no, because we don't really have a lot of disposable income to create a baby wonderland either. Then I find the "Design a Nursery on a Dime" websites. I am just not passionate about it. I really want a super duper nursery, I just don't know where to start, or who's money to use. AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Dammit! I either need to start coming up with something or have a black and white nursery, with a possible spot of orange. A friend of mine did a "outer space" theme with all of the planets, tons of stars and outer space like objects, and I loved it. Their baby boy could love his room until he is 9-years old with a theme like that. I suppose that is something else to take into consideration, will the nursery theme grow with the baby, or need to be changed when he is 2 or 3 years old?

I know I don't want a big room of Blue, nor do I want a super baby-ish theme... oh wait, "Super Baby!" I suppose it all just comes down to figuring out what kind of a theme the nursery will have, and then go find the pieces needed to bring it to life. I need to find my Nursery passion... Or end up with a baby who is just as enamoured with Star Wars as his Daddy... a.k.a Big friggin dorks!

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  1. My first stress of the day (at 4:30 am) was about whether I really needed or wanted Wall decals and if I was shaping the colors and things my child would love or hate based on the color of his or her room and accessories. Then I thought rooms are for sleeping so the baby isn't really going to care. I'm making it easy on myself and saving my money. I'll decorate later when I know what my kid likes.

  2. I know I'm a bit late but I found this website were you can just stick things on the walls and change them as your child grows.

    i love this site

  3. That's great thanks for the link! I know we are not the only ones a bit behind.... ;)