Oct 25, 2011

Pregnant and hate your husband? Here are some very important messages to share with him...

As much as I wish I could say, "My husband has really been understanding and supportive during my pregnancy," we all know I cannot. He tries and then fails miserably... Over the last 6 months I have been banking my favorite come backs and words of wisdom for my husband, most were sent by friends, others I stumbled across, all are here for your viewing pleasure.

Ladies, print this out and when your husband/partner pushes you over the edge, pull this out and let em' have it!! Warning, there are "F Bombs" in some of these so sorry if they offend you, but in my opinion, the "F Bomb" is sometimes the only word that will work. In fact, on a side note, I have created a sentence using only the "F" word and it made complete sense. Enjoy!

Mr. Piss Legs at it again. He took our Halloween decorations and did this to our front door.


My pregnancy has certainly changed my personality, but unfortunately has not changed my husband's patences, understanding and tolerance. But, he's working on it...or will die trying...

I have used this on multiple occasions. It really does shut him up and then we end up having a laugh together. Of course that's only when I am not stomping down the hall, shouting that on the way to the bedroom, so I can slam the door so hard the neighbors know my husband is in BIG trouble.

I dream of this and have a perfect illusion of it in my head that I envision when I am seething with anger. It actually helps...

I say this to him at least once a week!

This one has come out of my mouth a time or two... I love watching him process what I am saying, then think about what is really under the sink.

I want this in a maternity shirt, for now I will write it on the palm of my hand...

HELLO? It blows my mind that we are still teaching this one during pregnancy!

I really should post a picture of my facial expression that says the same thing. You should have one by now too. If not, stop reading, and go to the mirror and get one!

Can I get an AMEN!?

This is actually an all-day, every-day thing for me, pregnancy or not.

My Mantra!

Replace "Toddler" with "Husband" and you will have "mine."

Ok, I was wrong, I suppose there is a football I can stand to be in the same room with.
I think this picture says it all!

One of the many things our husbands and babies have in common...

I look forward to these bonding moments with my daughter...
DO NOT FORGET THIS!! YOU, ME and ALL THE OTHER PREGGIES! We are growing humans, so therefor our happiness and comfort are the most important!

... Because you are AWESOME!!

And, because you are so AWESOME, this is how the rest of your day should go...

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  1. I am having a 'hate being pregnant day' and this has just made me and my husband burst out laughing...so thanks for that :)