Oct 14, 2011

Pregnancy Cravings

Oh it is SO on now!  I am officially 23 weeks and ready to eat a Chinese buffet, a Mexican fiesta and then make Häagen-Dazs my bitch…. Take a nap and do it all over again!  I read that the 23rd week marks the beginning of the first major growth spurt of my lil’ sprout.  Apparently, he is going to double in size over the next four weeks, and I am going to eat double as much over the next four weeks because I am a ravenous piglet! 

I suppose it makes sense…I spent ALL of my first trimester hugging the porcelain God and then most of my second trimester still leery of most foods, now at the end of my second trimester I am ready to make up for the last 23 weeks. Somehow, someway the switch has been flipped, I am a bottomless pit ready to make my husband look like a sissy at the dinner table.  Oddly enough I am not craving anything new so far, I’m just craving “seconds” of my same old pregnancy comfort foods. 

Warning: I am about to list my preggie favorites… reading this list might possibly make you sick, gain weight, or be totally jealous of what’s in my belly!

  1. Everything bagel (toasted well) with plain cream cheese- I eat this EVERY morning and have since day one.
  2. Organic yogurt-fruit on the bottom
  3. Grapes! Grapes! and more Grapes!  Purple of course!
  4. Granny Smith Apples with Peanut butter
  5. Cupcakes piled WAY to high with icing
  6. Frosted Mini Wheat cereal
  7. Club Sandwich
  8. Pizza
  9. Baked Spaghetti
  10. Taco Salads
  11. French Fries with cheese dip
  12. White Cheddar Cheese and multi grain crackers
  13. Dairy Queen Blizzard-Reese’s Peanut butter cup mixed with strawberry cheesecake!  OMG!

This list is pretty much ALL I eat, I have not really branched out yet.  I know these things make me happy and free of nausea. Here’s the big change, I can now eat ALL of those tasty things in one day... I think I could eat them all in one sitting!
I just don’t care anymore. I am not saying I am going to fully let go, put on a bib and eat till I pop… I’m saying that I realize I am growing a baby and need to eat to do it.

My third trimester plan is to continue to make the best choices I can, keep PLENTY of healthy snacks on hand and that’s it, just grow my baby. I've decided if I make good choices screw how many extra calories it is, I just cannot obsess like that anymore.  Now that I feel him moving and kicking, it’s clear that this is not about my sagging flat ass, stretch marks, super sized boobies, or size and half bigger feet, it’s all about my little man.  I will have the rest of my life to keep my body the way I want it. I get 3 ½ more months with my baby in my belly, I think it’s time to only focus on that!

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  1. Earlier this week it felt like I was going through a growth spurt, extra hungry, extra tired, extra hormonal, and I gained 3.5 lbs this week.

    Somebody get me an everything bagel w/cream cheese please.