Oct 10, 2011

Piss-Legs. Our family album

I thought I would share my family photo album to show why I do frequently end up with "Piss-Legs." (for those of you who do not know Piss-Legs was coined by my husband.  When he makes me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants, or now that I'm pregnant do pee my pants, he asks if I have "piss-legs.")  My Husband is a clown and here is proof... He made me blurr his face out for legal reasons... they might still be looking for him! WARNING: These photos may be disturbing and too graphic for children under the age of 22.

The other day in the Grocery I hear people laughing... I had no doubt it was at my husband, when I turned the corner this is what I found... Piss-Legs.  He had that mask on for at least 2 aisles before I caught him.

"NO! You didn't scare me!" God, knows how long he was waiting for me to come looking for him... And God knows how many kids he did scare crouching behind the masks waiting for me. Yes, we buy all of the masks he puts on, the collection is ridiculous... Plus, some it takes a while to get off of his head and are slightly damaged in the process.  I keep telling him they are made for children...
 If there is a small or strange cart/trolley he will find it and proudly use it.
I couldn't take it anymore, we needed more than that damn thing could carry.  He proceeded to show me why that was all he could use and I should go get my own. Yes, he is kneeling on his shoes.  I know I ask all the time, "ARE YOU 4 OR 40???"

Again, I hear people laughing and cheering. I cannot leave him alone for a minute!  This time he is playing the mini-piano and that bear is in our cart, behind the bear is the Star Wars action figure pack... No, he had no intention of waiting for our son to play with "his" toys.
All I here is him coming down the hall asking, "do these underpants make my butt look big?" Next thing I know he makes a flying leap and lands like this in front of me. Piss-Legs.

One of my great talents is balloon animals.  I made a bunch of pirate swords for a girlfriends son's Birthday Party.

We found them all over the house, don't worry the party was over.
While my girlfriend and I were cleaning up, my wonderful Husband was keeping himself busy... I can't lie, Piss-Legs.
I needed help wrapping the Christmas gifts... He doesn't help me anymore.
 This was taken of me at a kids field day a few weeks ago, he wanted to go play in the bounce house and see if he could bounce the kids into the sky.  I laid down the law...

So instead he rode the carousel.... We asked the guy first if he could ride it.  The noises it made were beyond scary.  I stayed on a bench, because I am a "pregnant chicken."  I prefer to be called a cautious mommy.
This is me 6 months pregs... Just Kidding! It's what marriage will do to a girl. On most days my husband sees that same screaming face! 
 But, between you and I, I married him because he gives me Piss-Legs... Today is our one year anniversary... we were married on 10-10-10.

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  1. Love it! The present wrapping almost gave me Piss-legs.

  2. Since the gift was for my brother I left it alone. The others had to be re-wrapped... What kills me is that he found three different types of tape to do the job. He's a smart man... He lives be the code of " if you don't enjoy doing something, don't do it well..."