Oct 11, 2011

Physical Therapy for Pregnancy

Today I had my first Physical Therapy appointment to address my back, hip and feet issues. In 2007 I was in a near fatal car accident. I cracked my sacrum (pelvis) in two places, severed my left tendon and shattered my hip… along with other injuries but for pregnancy purposes that is all I am really having issues with. Needless to say, I am having a c-section-which is a whole other blog.

At 5 ½ months I really think I am getting around swimmingly. I have also tried to be diligent about my weight gain and keeping my exercise down to a nice stroll. Today my therapist confirmed that I actually have been doing very well, but I have a very long 3 months ahead of me. Once this baby starts packing on pounds of it’s own and really bearing down on my body, it may get very uncomfortable.

So... I’m already having one of those mornings where I feel like I have two left feet, 10 thumbs and I cannot get my hair out of my eyes to save my life. I walk in the office hands full with a bag full of work clothes, make-up, a change of shoes, my handbag, ringing phone and did I mention I also look like a hot mess? In my pre-pregnancy life I was organized to a fault, now I am a skit out of Saturday Night Live.

I go to the window, the lady confirms my appointment and then asks for my insurance card and drivers’ license. I pull the insurance card out with no issue, but due to my 10 fat thumbs I cannot get my license out of the square of plastic in my wallet to save my life. Finally after 3-4 minutes of pulling, I look at the chick behind the counter and tell her, “I am going to have this baby before I get my license out of this wallet! Will you please help me?” I’ll be damned if she didn’t just slide the damn thing out with ease. She looked at me, and I could tell she actually felt bad for how easy it was for her. I just smiled and said, “no worries, I’m cool with that, thank you, besides I have 10 thumbs and you only have 2!”

Needless to say after my outburst the Physical Therapist appeared almost instantly. We went over my accident history then talked about my current pain levels. I was really surprised to find out a good deal of my pain was actually related to arthritis caused from my accident injuries. She said any of my pains that I attribute to the weather or pressure changes are due to arthritic pain. I am stoked to know what it is, but I am not stoked to know that it is going to get much worse with age. Sounds like Hubs and I need to move somewhere tropical with very little weather changes and I’ll be A OK!

Once we got all that preliminary stuff out of the way, she had me lay on a massage table. The table had belly and booby hole cutouts with belts for support. It really needs to be relocated to my house since it needs to be my new bed. Next she taped up my back to give me more stability with this “Ace-Bandage” like tape that she basically made the “X” with a strike through pattern like the flag for the UK or OZ on my lower back, then applied a heat compress for 5 minutes right over it. I nearly fell asleep in that awesome preggie hole bed.

Next we did stretches where I put my ankle on my knee, sucked in my abs, straightened my posture and leaned forward for 30 seconds. It was a little painful at first but then felt like a healthy stretch. I repeated each side 3 times holding for 30 seconds each time. The next and last stretch was where I put my leg on the table bent my knee in, like I made a triangle with my leg out in front of me. Then the same motion of sucking in my abs, leaning forward and holding for 30 seconds on each side, for three times again. I really felt great once I was finished.

Before I left I had to try on two different types of braces that help to stabilize my hips. I really didn’t care for either. One sat low across my butt and the other was like three belts, one under my belly, one over my belly and one across my back. I was not interested in wearing either to be honest. She told me not to worry and when/if I needed it I could try again later.

In the end I left needing two visits a week for stretching and a massage and then water aerobics at least once a week. She said if it became too much I could just do one of each, weekly. I also have to do my two stretches twice a day at least, with three times a day being preferable. I’m really going to try to be compliant, it’s the difference between bed rest next month and possibly not at all. I am really excited to start the water aerobics! I’ll keep you posted on how all of it goes and if I can really tell a difference in my pain and tightness over the next couple of weeks.

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