Oct 18, 2011

Parenting 101

The following is courtesy of Mr. Piss Legs himself.  We were supposed to be looking up baby names and making a "Top 10 List." I kept going on about how we were going to be failures as parents if we couldn't even agree on a name for our baby.  Apparently he decided to Google "Parent Failures" to see "if a picture of us was already making headlines." I should have known when he spent the past two hours staring at the computer and snickering... He sent me this in an email labeled Top 10 List....

                McGyver's idea for a baby sitter.  All he ever needed was Duct Tape..
 Welcome to New York... Where lazy mothers will inspire you...
   I'm not even sure if it is legal to post this?
That is one sandwich I never want a bite of....
Oi!  Hippy Chick, Forget something?
Well done honey! This is your last trip to the store with our baby.
Um... Dad... Mommy usually does it differently
 Hello? Mom? Dad?    
 It's a Douche Bag with hands and legs!!!
Please God, Don't let my Husband do this!

 Poor Dude you are a Super Ding Dong! 

Mmmm!  Let me tell you how well this would go in my house...
I have no doubt this will be on my husbands Top 10 Baby Names List.

This one too...
     Welcome to the south...
                Where a Redneck's famous last words are "Hey Y'all watch this!"
     Now that's a PROUD PAPA!
 That's how we roll!
                   So much for height requirements.  I guess every baby deserves to earn their wings...
   My husband thinks this guy is a genius. 
 I have no doubt this will be me one day 
dragging the kids back to Australia
Ok, so maybe we are not complete failure parents yet.  Clearly, we have a lot of work to do to achieve that status!  

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  1. I love thease pictures!! so funny!!

  2. Me too! They give me hope... I'm nuts but I'm fairly confident I'm not as nuts as these mom and dads...