Oct 28, 2011

Leg cramps + back pain + muscle spasms= Healthy Pregnancy!

It’s almost laughable the number of times I have complained about my pregnancy symptoms only to hear my doctor say, “That’s completely normal, you are doing great!” or "That’s just a sign of a healthy pregnancy!” I say almost laughable because when I am shocked out of bed by the leg cramp from hell, I am surely not laughing. I don’t think anyone can deny, happy pregnancy or not, that growing a human is absolute hell on the human body.

I guess it was around week 22 I started waking up from excruciating cramps in my left calf muscle. Luckily, I had read somewhere that the only way to make it go away fast was to get up and walk it off. It really works! I am now at the point where I can wake up as the cramp is forming and remind myself not to point my toes away from me, but rather pull my toes back towards me. I point my toes and it somehow locks the Charlie Horse cramp in and I have to jump right up. If I pull my toes in towards my head the cramp will sometimes even go away without me having to jump out of bed. Good Times!

So, if you are finding yourself reading this blog because you have Googled “pregnant and have wicked cramps, back pain, muscle spasms, and Charlie Horses that make me want to slap someone,” Good News! You are so totally having the healthiest pregnancy, and your baby is tearing your body up beautifully. Well done, you are on your way to a brilliant go at Motherhood! Now, what ever you do don’t take anything to alleviate the pain, and feel free to take a luke warm bath. Make sure its just warm enough that when you climb in you have about 45 seconds before the water goes cold.

Of course, you should still call your doctor and explain your symptoms, they will be happy to hear you are miserably right on track! Here is the best part of all of this, you will forget every single bit of the pain and discomfort within a year of giving birth, and then you will immediately start chomping at the bit to do it all over again. I, myself, have no doubt I will forget that I was ever “Tired of Being Pregnant,” and even though I wrote this blog, I will deny that I ever really felt this way.

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