Oct 19, 2011

Holy Baby Kicks!

Yay, I finally have Kung Fu Panda Baby in my belly! I didn’t feel kick number one until week 20, which totally bummed me out. Plus, everyone kept asking, “Have you felt him kick?” I was so sick of saying “NO!” I have heard of people feeling kicks at 14-16 weeks and some not until 24 weeks. It really is the coolest thing and I have no doubt I will miss it when he’s moved out of my belly-womb. It’s not annoying yet like I have heard it will become, but it is definitely jarring at first.

Week 20-My first kick came when I was sitting in my car, it was the faintest little kick, but I knew it had to be that since I had not felt anything like it before. Then the next day I felt the same little twitch-like feeling twice in a row. Then… nothing… for 4 or 5 days. It was really scary to not feel anything for so many days after finally feeling something. Of course I freaked out and thought he worse.

Week 21- I felt a couple more kicks throughout the week and a little harder too. I learned that if I sat straight up on my couch he would kick. I also found that if I laid on my back he would kick. Call me a bad mom but I knew if I pissed off my baby I would get the kick I wanted, so I did it! I guess during week 21, I got maybe 10-15 kicks total, more towards the end. I compared them to the same feeling as if a muscle twitched in my belly.

Week 22-Baby really began training for his Karate Kid black belt. His kicks became more frequent and harder. More times than not, there were multiple kicks in a few minutes compared to the last two weeks when it was just a one-two punch and nothing for the rest of the day. I suppose it was during this week that I could tell for sure these were full on kicks

Week 23- Hello Kung Fu Baby Karate Kid! He is clearly bigger now and is packing a real punch and kick. Two nights ago he kicked so hard I saw my shirt move and actually yelled out. He is active now, kicking regularly and a very busy boy in there. He is still kicking in the same spot though, low along my belly/abdomen. He kicks me probably 10+ times a day and harder and harder everyday. It is clear my baby is growing and developing inside, I love it!!

Of course now that I feel the kicks the same people who asked about the kicks have now moved on to, “Has he had the hiccups yet?” Here we go again, “NO!” I am definitely in the sweet spot of Pregnancy. I am not going to lie, I am tired of it still and due to my issues with patience, I want my baby RIGHT NOW! But, since I cannot have him NOW, I am happy where we are now. I am showing nicely, feeling him move, my first trimester issues are behind me, and with the exception of peeing 20 times a day, the heart burn, indigestion, crappy sleep, sore back and feet, fat ass and swelling fingers and toes, me and baby are doing great! ; )

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  1. I can't wait to feel those kicks again! I first felt it at 18 wks with my daughter, right now I'm at 14. There's nothing like it! However, it does get quite painful at the end! Still it's a very reassuring sign that baby is ok. And if you happen to be trying to sleep at the time, those hiccups are very frustrating :)

  2. Not long now... I cannot wait for the hiccups!